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Media Sales Management and New Product Innovation: An Exploratory Study
Unformatted Document Text:  MEDIA SALES AND INNOVATION 2 competitive advantage for numerous companies (Porter 1996). Second, the structure of a sales team is important in realizing the potential of a new product. The structure deals with the sheer size of the sales department as well as the division of client lists or territories in an optimal manner. Third, the greater product-market scope realized through new innovations requires that management assess the ability of its existing sales force to take on these new responsibilities (Cross, Hartley, Rudelius, & Vassey 2001). Pursuing a strategy of broad product-market coverage is likely to yield high market shares. In this study, the intention is to better understand the role of sales management at local broadcast stations and its influence upon the corresponding media sales teams in realizing the potential of a new product or service. Specifically, decisions are investigated which concern the emphasis placed on value, the structure of the sales force, and the greater product-market scope made available through the introduction of new products. Since the digital transition has just recently taken place, the digital broadcast technology of multicasting is used as the innovation of interest in this study. Multicasting is a technology which allows a broadcaster to divide bandwidth into multiple channels so that two or more streams can be broadcast simultaneously (see Appendix A for more details). Literature Review Perceived Value of Innovation The inherent characteristics of a new innovation can provide an increase in the perceived value of the broadcast outlet by helping it to achieve some business goal or by allowing for an improvement in its operating efficiency. Providing the customer with value is linked to favorable company performance according to the majority of the 113 companies which participated in a study by the Conference Board in the U.S. and Europe (Avlonitis, Boyle, & Kouremenos 1986). Not only is favorable company performance linked to the offer of customer value, but there are also benefits to the sales team as well. By offering a new product of value, salespeople have the opportunity to strengthen their relationship

Authors: Holmes, Todd.
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competitive advantage for numerous companies (Porter 1996).  Second, the structure of a sales team is 
important in realizing the potential of a new product.  The structure deals with the sheer size of the sales 
department as well as the division of client lists or territories in an optimal manner.  Third, the greater 
product-market scope realized through new innovations requires that management assess the ability of 
its existing sales force to take on these new responsibilities (Cross, Hartley, Rudelius, & Vassey 2001). 
Pursuing a strategy of broad product-market coverage is likely to yield high market shares.
In this study, the intention is to better understand the role of sales management at local broadcast 
stations and its influence upon the corresponding media sales teams in realizing the potential of a new 
product or service.  Specifically, decisions are investigated which concern the emphasis placed on value, 
the structure of the sales force, and the greater product-market scope made available through the 
introduction of new products.  Since the digital transition has just recently taken place, the digital 
broadcast technology of multicasting is used as the innovation of interest in this study.  Multicasting is a 
technology which allows a broadcaster to divide bandwidth into multiple channels so that two or more 
streams can be broadcast simultaneously (see Appendix A for more details).   
Literature Review
Perceived Value of Innovation
The inherent characteristics of a new innovation can provide an increase in the perceived value 
of the broadcast outlet by helping it to achieve some business goal or by allowing for an improvement in 
its operating efficiency.  Providing the customer with value is linked to favorable company performance 
according to the majority of the 113 companies which participated in a study by the Conference Board 
in the U.S. and Europe (Avlonitis, Boyle, & Kouremenos 1986).  Not only is favorable company 
performance linked to the offer of customer value, but there are also benefits to the sales team as well. 
By offering a new product of value, salespeople have the opportunity to strengthen their relationship 

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