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Media Sales Management and New Product Innovation: An Exploratory Study
Unformatted Document Text:  MEDIA SALES AND INNOVATION 6 (2006), a semi-structured interview consists of preset questions, but the interviewer will add or remove questions as seems relevant or pursue new topics or lines of inquiry that may be suggested by the respondent. The list of preset questions is included in the interview guide found in Appendix B. The in- person interviews were conducted with the use of a tape recorder to record and fully transcribe exact responses while handwritten notes were used in the phone interviews. The questions were open-ended and there was no set order for them so that the interviewer could gain the widest variety and most in- depth information possible. The questions pertained to the types of new products offered as a result of the transition to digital television, the structure of the sales team, the methods for selling these new products, and the ability of stations to receive voluntary cable carriage. The interviews ranged from 20 minutes to 2 hours, with the majority of them lasting about 45 minutes. INSERT TABLE 1 ABOUT HERE Results Perceived Value of Innovation Two of the major drivers of product value in the commercial broadcast television business are the appeal of the programming and the size of the viewing audience that can be reached with the product. The appeal of the programming has to do with the type of programming offered (news, weather, or public interest) and the level of its creativity and ability to catch as well as maintain a viewer’s interest. The amount of viewers reached deals with the carriage of the programming on either satellite or cable providers or those who receive their broadcast signals through use of an antenna. Since the majority of viewers in the United States receive their television through cable systems, the carriage of broadcasters’ signals on cable systems was specifically explored. The value of the multicast channels offered by the broadcast operations examined cannot be overstated. The sales management of an operation must communicate with their salespeople from the

Authors: Holmes, Todd.
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(2006), a semi-structured interview consists of preset questions, but the interviewer will add or remove 
questions as seems relevant or pursue new topics or lines of inquiry that may be suggested by the 
respondent.  The list of preset questions is included in the interview guide found in Appendix B.  The in-
person interviews were conducted with the use of a tape recorder to record and fully transcribe exact 
responses while handwritten notes were used in the phone interviews.  The questions were open-ended 
and there was no set order for them so that the interviewer could gain the widest variety and most in-
depth information possible.  The questions pertained to the types of new products offered as a result of 
the transition to digital television, the structure of the sales team, the methods for selling these new 
products, and the ability of stations to receive voluntary cable carriage.  The interviews ranged from 20 
minutes to 2 hours, with the majority of them lasting about 45 minutes. 
Perceived Value of Innovation
Two of the major drivers of product value in the commercial broadcast television business are 
the appeal of the programming and the size of the viewing audience that can be reached with the 
product.  The appeal of the programming has to do with the type of programming offered (news, 
weather, or public interest) and the level of its creativity and ability to catch as well as maintain a 
viewer’s interest.  The amount of viewers reached deals with the carriage of the programming on either 
satellite or cable providers or those who receive their broadcast signals through use of an antenna.  Since 
the majority of viewers in the United States receive their television through cable systems, the carriage 
of broadcasters’ signals on cable systems was specifically explored.
The value of the multicast channels offered by the broadcast operations examined cannot be 
overstated.  The sales management of an operation must communicate with their salespeople from the 

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