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Media Sales Management and New Product Innovation: An Exploratory Study
Unformatted Document Text:  MEDIA SALES AND INNOVATION 9 “It would be handled similarly to that of non-traditional revenue (NTR). When sales get to the point where it’s justifiable, what will happen is, they [sales managers] will hire salespeople.” The smaller market stations each have one sales staff at the moment that sells advertising on their primary channel, which is a Big 4 affiliation, along with either The CW or My Network. If 126+ GM were to pick up another Big 4 affiliation, then he would split his sales staff into two separate teams. One team would sell the existing Big 4 affiliation along with My Network while the other team would sell the new Big 4 affiliate in addition to My Network. Product-Market Scope Methods of selling advertising on multicast channels: stations currently multicasting Table 6 details the methods of selling advertising for the broadcasters currently multicasting. As can be seen, most of the broadcasters are utilizing more than one method. INSERT TABLE 6 ABOUT HERE When asked about the selling of 30-second commercial spots, fixed billboards, and Internet advertising, the large market stations were selling advertising on multicast channels containing 24/7 weather content. Alternatively, the smaller market stations are all selling advertising on multicast channels affiliated with The CW or My Network. Having access to The CW and My Network on a multicast channel illustrates an advantage of operating in a smaller market. There are fewer competitors in the market with which firm’s have to compete to obtain an affiliation agreement with a network. Table 7 provides four sample quotes from respondents regarding the methods utilized to sell advertising on a broadcaster’s multicast channels. INSERT TABLE 7 ABOUT HERE Methods of selling advertising on multicast channels: stations not currently multicasting

Authors: Holmes, Todd.
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“It would be handled similarly to that of non-traditional revenue (NTR).  When sales get 
to the point where it’s justifiable, what will happen is, they [sales managers] will hire 
The smaller market stations each have one sales staff at the moment that sells advertising on their 
primary channel, which is a Big 4 affiliation, along with either The CW or My Network.  If 126+ GM 
were to pick up another Big 4 affiliation, then he would split his sales staff into two separate teams.  One 
team would sell the existing Big 4 affiliation along with My Network while the other team would sell 
the new Big 4 affiliate in addition to My Network. 
Product-Market Scope
Methods of selling advertising on multicast channels: stations currently multicasting
Table 6 details the methods of selling advertising for the broadcasters currently multicasting.  As 
can be seen, most of the broadcasters are utilizing more than one method.    
When asked about the selling of 30-second commercial spots, fixed billboards, and Internet 
advertising, the large market stations were selling advertising on multicast channels containing 24/7 
weather content.  Alternatively, the smaller market stations are all selling advertising on multicast 
channels affiliated with The CW or My Network.  Having access to The CW and My Network on a 
multicast channel illustrates an advantage of operating in a smaller market.  There are fewer competitors 
in the market with which firm’s have to compete to obtain an affiliation agreement with a network.  
Table 7 provides four sample quotes from respondents regarding the methods utilized to sell 
advertising on a broadcaster’s multicast channels.  
Methods of selling advertising on multicast channels: stations not currently multicasting

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