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How does Doctor-Patient Communication Differ Based on the Gender of Doctor and the Gender of Patient? An Analysis of Entertainment-Education Based Network Medical Drama Grey’s Anatomy.
Unformatted Document Text:  Doctor-Patient Communication in Grey’s Anatomy 13 other medical related instructions) 3. Responding to emotions Communication that conveys emotional content through various levels of emotional statements. Doctor to patient: personal life, positive talk, negative talk, building partnership, instruction. Patient to doctor: personal life, positive talk, negative talk, seeking info/instruction/suggestions 4. Patient Education and counseling For this study, patient education and counseling means information and counseling skills that assist patients in making sense of their condition and coping with the medical regimen and lifestyle demands of treatment. On education and medical topics: Doctor- patient communication: symptoms of illness, previous medical diagnosis, information on the use of medicine, information on treatment process. patient - doctor communication: 5. Length of visit and amount of time (patient talk to doctor) Length of visit means the amount of time (in minutes) the doctor visit to patient. ‘Amount of time patient talk to doctor: total amount of time the patient talks to the doctor for questions and information. Minutes spent by doctor , Times (frequency) of prior visit to doctor, and minutes the patient talked to doctor. Data Analysis Preliminary Analysis: Reliability Scott’s pi (Scott, 1955) was used to assess the reliability check. All reliability checks were conducted by having a second coder independently score a random 10% sample (which was 1.5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, i.e. 10% of the entire sample, and this study conducted inter- coder reliability of 2 random episodes which is more than 10%) and calculating the Scott’s pi between the two coders. In this process, the statistic’s normal range begins from .00 (agreement at chance level) to 1 (perfect agreement), and a value of less than .00 indicates agreement less than chance (Nuendorf, K. 2002, p. 151). Table 1 presents reliability data.

Authors: Pokhrel, Lok.
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Doctor-Patient Communication in Grey’s Anatomy
other medical related instructions)
3. Responding   to 
Communication   that   conveys   emotional 
content   through   various   levels   of 
emotional statements. 
Doctor   to   patient:  personal   life,   positive 
talk,   negative   talk,   building   partnership,  
instruction. Patient to doctor: personal life,  
positive   talk,   negative   talk,   seeking  
4. Patient Education 
and counseling
For   this   study,   patient   education   and 
counseling   means   information   and 
counseling   skills   that   assist   patients   in 
making   sense   of   their   condition   and 
coping   with   the   medical   regimen   and 
lifestyle demands of treatment. 
On education and medical topics
Doctor- patient communication: symptoms 
of   illness,   previous   medical   diagnosis, 
information   on   the   use   of   medicine, 
information on treatment process.
patient - doctor communication
5. Length   of   visit 
and   amount   of 
time (patient  talk 
to doctor) 
Length of visit means the amount of time 
(in   minutes)   the   doctor   visit   to   patient. 
‘Amount  of time  patient talk to doctor: 
total amount of time the patient talks to 
the doctor for questions and information. 
Minutes spent by doctor , 
Times  (frequency)  of prior visit to doctor, 
and minutes the patient talked to doctor.  
Data Analysis
 Preliminary Analysis: Reliability
Scott’s pi (Scott, 1955) was used to assess the reliability check. All reliability checks 
were conducted by having a second coder independently score a random 10% sample (which was 
1.5 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, i.e. 10% of the entire sample, and this study conducted inter-
coder reliability of 2 random episodes which is more than 10%) and calculating the Scott’s pi 
between the two coders. In this process, the statistic’s normal range begins from .00 (agreement 
at chance level) to 1 (perfect agreement), and a value of less than .00 indicates agreement less 
than chance (Nuendorf, K. 2002, p. 151). Table 1 presents reliability data. 

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