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How does Doctor-Patient Communication Differ Based on the Gender of Doctor and the Gender of Patient? An Analysis of Entertainment-Education Based Network Medical Drama Grey’s Anatomy.
Unformatted Document Text:  Doctor-Patient Communication in Grey’s Anatomy 8 similar to themselves. Seeing someone similar to oneself overcome obstacles and succeed in the face of adversity enhances individuals’ beliefs in their own abilities--or self-efficacy--with regard to a particular behavior. People have cognitive representational processes. Human retention involves an active process of transforming and restructuring information conveyed by modeled events into rules and conceptions for memory representations (Ibid., p. 99). Because Bandura’s social cognitive theory is the foundational theoretical approach for this research, the author wishes to discuss more on the theoretical approach to find the ways to fit into the study and help answer the research questions. In the context of this study, in which the author is going to assess the impact of the gender in the interaction between the doctor and patient characters in a medical drama, it is quite relevant to analyze Bandura’s theoretical assumption in further detail. Bandura suggests that models of the same gender are viewed as more credible and instill stronger efficacy beliefs and behavioral intentions than do models of a different gender. Feelings of similarity to a model contribute to viewers’ identification with that model, a broader concept that may also include feelings of liking and wanting to be like a particular character (Slater, 2002). According to Slater (2002), Bandura’s theoretical concept of identification suggests that identification is an approach of a narrative that helps audience member experience the similarity with the character of the narrative. In a film, for instance, what we see is that if the hero (whom we have our sympathy) is perceived to be similar to one of us (audiences). If the hero attempts to be one of us, he may be more effective with regard to the audience knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. However, there is a condition of how much have we (as an audience member) been able to submerge into the depth of the narrative, or how much has it been able to influence us as being one of the characters of the narrative. The success or failure of such a narrative can certainly have impact.

Authors: Pokhrel, Lok.
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Doctor-Patient Communication in Grey’s Anatomy
similar to themselves. Seeing someone similar to oneself overcome obstacles and succeed in the 
face   of   adversity   enhances   individuals’   beliefs   in   their   own   abilities--or   self-efficacy--with 
regard   to   a   particular   behavior.   People   have   cognitive   representational   processes.   Human 
retention involves an active process of transforming and restructuring information conveyed by 
modeled events into rules and conceptions for memory representations (Ibid., p. 99). 
Because Bandura’s social cognitive theory is the foundational theoretical approach for 
this research, the author wishes to discuss more on the theoretical approach to find the ways to fit 
into the study and help answer the research questions. 
In the context of this study, in which the author is going to assess the impact of the 
gender in the interaction between the doctor and patient characters in a medical drama, it is quite 
relevant to analyze Bandura’s theoretical assumption in further detail. Bandura suggests that 
models of the same gender are viewed as more credible and instill stronger efficacy beliefs and 
behavioral intentions than do models of a different gender. Feelings of similarity to a model 
contribute to viewers’ identification with that model, a broader concept that may also include 
feelings of liking and wanting to be like a particular character (Slater, 2002). According to Slater 
(2002), Bandura’s theoretical concept of identification suggests that identification is an approach 
of a narrative that helps audience member experience the similarity with the character of the 
narrative. In a film, for instance, what we see is that if the hero (whom we have our sympathy) is 
perceived to be similar to one of us (audiences). If the hero attempts to be one of us, he may be 
more effective with regard to the audience knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. However, there is 
a condition of how much have we (as an audience member) been able to submerge into the depth 
of the narrative, or how much has it been able to influence us as being one of the characters of 
the narrative. The success or failure of such a narrative can certainly have impact. 

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