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International Coverage, Foreign Policy, and National Image: Exploring the Complexities of Media Coverage, Public Opinion, and Presidential Agenda
Unformatted Document Text:  EXPLORING THE COMPLEXITIES 23 Public Opinion Quarterly, 36, 176-184. McCombs, M., Lopez-Escobar, E., & Llamas, J. P. (2000).Setting the agenda of attributes in the 1996 Spanish general election. Journal of Communication, 50(2), 77–92. McCombs, M., & Reynolds, A. (2009). How the news shapes our civic agenda. In J. Bryant & M. B. Oliver (Eds.), Media effects: Advances in theory and research (3 rd ed., pp. 1-16). New York: Routledge. McNelly, J. T., &Izcaray, F. (1986). International news exposure and images of nations. Journalism Quarterly , 63 (3), 546-553. Rogers, E. M., Dearing, J. W., & Chang, S. (1991). AIDS in the 1980s: The agenda- setting process for a public issue. Journalism Monographs, 126, 1-82 Salwen, M. B., & Matera, F. R. (1992). Public salience of foreign nations. Journalism Quarterly , 69 (3), 623-632. Seaver, B. M. (1998). The public dimension of foreign policy. The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, 3(1), 65-91. Semetko, H. A., Brzinski, J. B., Weaver, D., & Willnat, L. (1992). TV news and U.S. public opinion about foreign countries: The impact of exposure and attention. International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 4(1), 18-36. Shaw, D. L., & McCombs, M. (1977). The emergence of American political issues: The agenda-setting function of the press. St. Paul, MN: West. Soroka, S. N. (2003). Media, public opinion, and foreign policy. Press/Politics 8(1),

Authors: Zhang, Cui.
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Public Opinion Quarterly, 36, 176-184.
McCombs, M., Lopez-Escobar, E., & Llamas, J. P. (2000).Setting the agenda of 
attributes in the 1996 Spanish general election. Journal of Communication, 
50(2), 77–92.
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nations. Journalism Quarterly , 63 (3), 546-553. 
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International Journal of Press/Politics, 3(1), 65-91.
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public opinion about foreign countries: The impact of exposure and attention. 
International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 4(1), 18-36.
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The agenda-setting function of the press. St. Paul, MN: West. 
Soroka, S. N. (2003). Media, public opinion, and foreign policy. Press/Politics 8(1), 

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