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Relative effectiveness of prior corporate ability vs. corporate social responsibility associations on public responses in corporate crises
Unformatted Document Text:  Relative effectiveness of prior CAb vs. CSR in crises 25 situation. However, for those who have positive associations, the crisis type is an important factor. This also provides interesting insight for academics and practitioners regarding how to manage different publics’ perceptions during a crisis. For instance, when the company has a bad relationship with its publics or bad associations among its publics, even a victim crisis could damage the company’ reputation as much as a preventable crisis. Normally, detrimental damage for a victim crisis is lower than a preventable crisis due to publics’ low levels of crisis responsibility attributions to the company in a victim crisis (Coombs, 2007). However, if the company fails to create positive corporate associations with its publics in the pre-crisis stage, even a victim crisis can damage the company’s reputation as much as a preventable crisis. This implies the importance of building positive corporate associations prior to any possible crises. FUTURE RESEARCH AND CONCLUSION Though the research provides meaningful implications, it also is limited by several factors. First, since this study used a student sample, the findings are not generalizable. Future research employing consumer panels is encouraged to ensure the generalizability of findings. Second, the study used two different crisis types featuring product recall-related crises because these are among the most common corporate crises (Davidson & Worrell, 1992). However, there is a possibility that product recall crises affected no direct effects of corporate associations on product evaluation found in our study. In other words, since our study used product-related crises, we might not be able to find direct effects of corporate associations on product evaluation. Therefore, future research should explore some other non-product-related crises to see if there is any difference in the effects of corporate associations on product evaluation. Future research

Authors: Kim, Sora.
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 Relative effectiveness of prior CAb vs. CSR in crises 25 
situation. However, for those who have positive associations, the crisis type is an important 
factor. This also provides interesting insight for academics and practitioners regarding how to 
manage different publics’ perceptions during a crisis. For instance, when the company has a bad 
relationship with its publics or bad associations among its publics, even a victim crisis could 
damage the company’ reputation as much as a preventable crisis. Normally, detrimental damage 
for a victim crisis is lower than a preventable crisis due to publics’ low levels of crisis 
responsibility attributions to the company in a victim crisis (Coombs, 2007). However, if the 
company fails to create positive corporate associations with its publics in the pre-crisis stage, 
even a victim crisis can damage the company’s reputation as much as a preventable crisis. This 
implies the importance of building positive corporate associations prior to any possible crises.   
Though the research provides meaningful implications, it also is limited by several 
factors. First, since this study used a student sample, the findings are not generalizable. Future 
research employing consumer panels is encouraged to ensure the generalizability of findings. 
Second, the study used two different crisis types featuring product recall-related crises because 
these are among the most common corporate crises (Davidson & Worrell, 1992). However, there 
is a possibility that product recall crises affected no direct effects of corporate associations on 
product evaluation found in our study. In other words, since our study used product-related crises, 
we might not be able to find direct effects of corporate associations on product evaluation. 
Therefore, future research should explore some other non-product-related crises to see if there is 
any difference in the effects of corporate associations on product evaluation. Future research 

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