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Relative effectiveness of prior corporate ability vs. corporate social responsibility associations on public responses in corporate crises
Unformatted Document Text:  Relative effectiveness of prior CAb vs. CSR in crises 26 exploring the effectiveness of a hybrid strategy focusing on both positive CAb and CSR associations is also encouraged since most of Fortune 500 corporations adopt a hybrid strategy in the market (Kim & Rader, 2010). This will provide realistic implications to corporations that are currently adopting a hybrid strategy. Finally, future research should investigate the situations of mixed corporate associations such as “when people have negative CSR associations and positive CAb associations toward a company at the same time.” An example of such a case would be Wal-Mart. People might think Wal-Mart is really good at delivering products with affordable prices, but they might also think the company is not socially responsible in its treatment of employees or in helping its communities. Investigating such mixed corporate associations would extend our understandings of corporate associations’ consequences in crises. The study significantly contributes to our current knowledge of CAb and CSR associations’ effects in non-routine settings such as crises. First, the study adds a new understanding in terms of transferring effects of corporate associations in crises situations. Second, given that there has been little research examining the relative effectiveness of CAb and CSR associations in corporate crises, this is a new contribution to our current knowledge. Lastly, our findings that suggested a CSR strategy is more effective than a CAb strategy in offsetting detrimental damage created by a corporate crisis call for more attention to CSR in the pre-crisis stage. This is a meaningful implication for crisis management academics and practitioners.

Authors: Kim, Sora.
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 Relative effectiveness of prior CAb vs. CSR in crises 26 
exploring the effectiveness of a hybrid strategy focusing on both positive CAb and CSR 
associations is also encouraged since most of Fortune 500 corporations adopt a hybrid strategy in 
the market (Kim & Rader, 2010). This will provide realistic implications to corporations that are 
currently adopting a hybrid strategy.  
Finally, future research should investigate the situations of mixed corporate associations 
such as “when people have negative CSR associations and positive CAb associations toward a 
company at the same time.” An example of such a case would be Wal-Mart. People might think 
Wal-Mart is really good at delivering products with affordable prices, but they might also think 
the company is not socially responsible in its treatment of employees or in helping its 
communities. Investigating such mixed corporate associations would extend our understandings 
of corporate associations’ consequences in crises.  
The study significantly contributes to our current knowledge of CAb and CSR 
associations’ effects in non-routine settings such as crises. First, the study adds a new 
understanding in terms of transferring effects of corporate associations in crises situations. 
Second, given that there has been little research examining the relative effectiveness of CAb and 
CSR associations in corporate crises, this is a new contribution to our current knowledge. Lastly, 
our findings that suggested a CSR strategy is more effective than a CAb strategy in offsetting 
detrimental damage created by a corporate crisis call for more attention to CSR in the pre-crisis 
stage. This is a meaningful implication for crisis management academics and practitioners.   

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