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Relative effectiveness of prior corporate ability vs. corporate social responsibility associations on public responses in corporate crises
Unformatted Document Text:  Relative effectiveness of prior CAb vs. CSR in crises 5 of a company as a good member of society with regard to social, environmental, or political issues (Brown & Dacin, 1997; Kim, 2011). Both CAb and CSR associations can be established and nurtured by different types of corporate communication strategies. A CAb strategy is used to create and strengthen CAb associations, whereas a CSR strategy can be used to build CSR associations among publics. A hybrid strategy is used for establishing both CAb and CSR associations. These three corporate communication strategies are currently in use in the market (Kim & Rader, 2010, Kim, 2011). Research examining the focus of different corporate strategies on their respective websites found an increasing reliance on CSR strategy to create strong CSR associations among publics (Esrock & Leichty, 1998, Kim & Rader, 2010). This trend was found to be more salient among larger corporations. The top Fortune 500 corporations are more likely to adopt a CSR strategy on their websites than a CAb or a hybrid strategy, while the bottom Fortune 500 corporations more highly emphasized a CAb strategy than a CSR or a hybrid strategy (Esrock & Leichty, 1998; Kim & Rader, 2010). However, a recent study investigating dominant corporate communication strategies being used in social media suggested that Fortune 100 corporations were more likely to emphasize a CAb strategy than a CSR strategy or a hybrid strategy when communicating with their fans on Facebook. In fact, Fortune 100 corporations rarely adopted a CSR strategy on their Facebook pages, which differs from their focus on using CSR strategy on their respective websites (XXX, in press). Their research suggested that this prevalent adoption of a CAb strategy on Facebook could be due to the personalizing aspect of social networking sites and different expectations of publics toward different media channels (XXX, in press).

Authors: Kim, Sora.
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 Relative effectiveness of prior CAb vs. CSR in crises 
of a company as a good member of society with regard to social, environmental, or political 
issues (Brown & Dacin, 1997; Kim, 2011).  
Both CAb and CSR associations can be established and nurtured by different types of 
corporate communication strategies. A CAb strategy is used to create and strengthen CAb 
associations, whereas a CSR strategy can be used to build CSR associations among publics. A 
hybrid strategy is used for establishing both CAb and CSR associations. These three corporate 
communication strategies are currently in use in the market (Kim & Rader, 2010, Kim, 2011). 
Research examining the focus of different corporate strategies on their respective websites found 
an increasing reliance on CSR strategy to create strong CSR associations among publics (Esrock 
& Leichty, 1998, Kim & Rader, 2010). This trend was found to be more salient among larger 
corporations. The top Fortune 500 corporations are more likely to adopt a CSR strategy on their 
websites than a CAb or a hybrid strategy, while the bottom Fortune 500 corporations more 
highly emphasized a CAb strategy than a CSR or a hybrid strategy (Esrock & Leichty, 1998; 
Kim & Rader, 2010). However, a recent study investigating dominant corporate communication 
strategies being used in social media suggested that Fortune 100 corporations were more likely 
to emphasize a CAb strategy than a CSR strategy or a hybrid strategy when communicating with 
their fans on Facebook. In fact, Fortune 100 corporations rarely adopted a CSR strategy on their 
Facebook pages, which differs from their focus on using CSR strategy on their respective 
websites (XXX, in press). Their research suggested that this prevalent adoption of a CAb 
strategy on Facebook could be due to the personalizing aspect of social networking sites and 
different expectations of publics toward different media channels (XXX, in press).   

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