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"Below The Yellow Line": Competitor Discourse on NBC's "The Biggest Losrer"
Unformatted Document Text:  22 References Baracaia, Alexa (October 4, 2006). "Warhol 'reality' film named in top 100". Evening Standard. By Nicole Breskin, Nicole (April 9, 2010) Carter, Bill (February 20, 2007). “For Fox’s Rivals, ‘American Idol’ Remains a Schoolyard Bully” _r=1 Crockett, R. J.;Pruzinsky, T.; Persing, J.(2007) . The Influence of Plastic Surgery "Reality TV" on Cosmetic Surgery Patient Expectations and Decision Making. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 120(1) Fairclough, N. (2000). Language and power (2nd ed.). New York: Longman. Fiske, J. (1994). Media matters: Everyday culture and political change. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press Gee, J. P. (1990). Social linguistics and literacies: Ideologies in discourse. London: Falmer. Henry, F., & Tator, C. (2002). Discourses of domination. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Huckin, T. N. (1997). Critical discourse analysis. In T. Miller (Ed.), Functional approaches to written text. Irving, L. (1990) Mirror images: Effects of the standard of beauty on the self-and body-esteem of women exhibiting varying levels of bulimic symptoms, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 9 (2) Levin, Gary (May 8, 2007) “Simple economics”: More Reality TV”. USA Today Levine, M.P., & Smolak, L. (1996). Media as a context for the development of disordered eating. In L. Smolak, M.P. Levine, & R. Striegel-Moore (Eds.), The developmental psycopathology of eating disorders. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum Levine, M. and Harrison, K. (2004). Media's role in the perpetuation and prevention of negative body image and disordered eating. In: J.K. Thompson, Editor, Handbook of eating disorders and obesity, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken

Authors: Dunning, Eric., Alsip, Mary Katherine. and Bissell, Kim.
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Baracaia, Alexa (October 4, 2006). "Warhol 'reality' film named in top 100". Evening 
By Nicole Breskin, Nicole (April 9, 2010)
Carter, Bill (February 20, 2007). “For Fox’s Rivals, ‘American Idol’ Remains a 
Schoolyard Bully” 
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& Reconstructive Surgery 120(1)
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of eating disorders and obesity, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken 

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