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Kicking off the hype: Newspaper Coverage of Super Bowl I
Unformatted Document Text:  The reporters descended on Los Angeles in the week leading up to the game. With more than 1,000 credentialed media members covering the game, players dealt with far more reporters than they used to. Coverage was informal and relaxed. Rather than having formalized press conferences or availability sessions, reporters went to the team hotel to have meals with players or to visit them in their hotel rooms 22 . Vince Lombardi conducted interviews in a small conference room at the team’s hotel in Santa Barbara – the coach didn’t need a microphone to be heard by the 30 or so reporters there. 23 The Kansas City Chiefs stayed in Long Beach, where flamboyant defensive back Fred “The Hammer” Williams entertained reporters with boastful predictions and demonstrations of karate moves right in the lobby of the team’s hotel 24 . The rest of this paper will examine the Super Bowl coverage in eight newspapers, both from a presentation perspective (i.e. how prominent was game coverage displayed) and from a coverage perspective (i.e. what were the dominant storylines and themes?). The study begins on Saturday, Jan. 14, 1967, the day before the game. January 14: The Day Before All eight newspapers had some sort of Super Bowl coverage on Saturday, but the amount varied from paper to paper. The New York Times had just two stories on one of their inside sports pages, one a general game advance and the other a story about Kansas Kicking off the hype 10 22 Ibid (quoting from Star-Ledger columnist Jerry Ledger); Peary, 9 (quoting Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr). 23 Shuster, 15e. 24 Ibid.

Authors: Moritz, Brian.
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The reporters descended on Los Angeles in the week leading up to the game. With 
more than 1,000 credentialed media members covering the game, players dealt with far 
more reporters than they used to. Coverage was informal and relaxed. Rather than having 
formalized press conferences or availability sessions, reporters went to the team hotel to 
have meals with players or to visit them in their hotel rooms
Vince Lombardi 
conducted interviews in a small conference room at the team’s hotel in Santa Barbara – 
the coach didn’t need a microphone to be heard by the 30 or so reporters there.
Kansas City Chiefs stayed in Long Beach, where flamboyant defensive back Fred “The 
Hammer” Williams entertained reporters with boastful predictions and demonstrations of 
karate moves right in the lobby of the team’s hotel
The rest of this paper will examine the Super Bowl coverage in eight newspapers, 
both from a presentation perspective (i.e. how prominent was game coverage displayed) 
and from a coverage perspective (i.e. what were the dominant storylines and themes?). 
The study begins on Saturday, Jan. 14, 1967, the day before the game.
January 14: The Day Before
All eight newspapers had some sort of Super Bowl coverage on Saturday, but the 
amount varied from paper to paper. The New York Times had just two stories on one of 
their inside sports pages, one a general game advance and the other a story about Kansas 
Kicking off the hype 
 Ibid (quoting from Star-Ledger columnist Jerry Ledger); Peary, 9 (quoting Green Bay 
quarterback Bart Starr). 
 Shuster, 15e.

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