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Kicking off the hype: Newspaper Coverage of Super Bowl I
Unformatted Document Text:  “Privately, both networks are admitting now that they have may have overdone it.” Povich wrote 39 . The San Antonio Express-News and Syracuse Post-Standard both carried a wire story about how the battle that mattered was not between the AFL and NFL but between the two networks for ratings and advertising dollars. 40 Both stories were highly explanatory in nature, explaining why such things were important to the television executives 41 . January 15: Game day The day of the game brought a significant upgrade in the amount of coverage Super Bowl I received. All eight newspapers had multiple stories spanning multiple pages of coverage. Including agate packages and briefs, The New York Times had 23 stories. Two ran on the cover – one an overview of the game that served as an advance, and a story about Rozelle’s frustration at the fact that the game did not sell out 42 . Several papers ran extensive agate packages, featuring team-by-team comparisons, schedules, statistics, and the names and background information on the game’s officials. The AP moved a position-by-position comparison of both teams in which all the starters for both teams at Kicking off the hype 14 39 Povich. The Washington Post. D-1. 40 Brent Musburger. “Real super battle Sunday will be CBS against NBC.” San Antonio Express-News. January 14, 1967, 4-B. The story also appeared in the Syracuse Post-Standard. Musburger, in an ironic twist, went from criticizing TV in this story to becoming a well-known sports broadcaster for CBS in the 1970s and 1980s. 41 Both Povich’s column and Musberger’s story were the only stories in the three-day sample that used any anonymous sources. 42 “The Super Bowl: Football’s Day of Decision Stirs Nation” and “Rozelle says price is wrong as sale of tickets lag.” The New York Times. January 15, 1967. S-1.

Authors: Moritz, Brian.
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“Privately, both networks are admitting now that they have may have overdone it.” 
Povich wrote
The San Antonio Express-News and Syracuse Post-Standard both carried 
a wire story about how the battle that mattered was not between the AFL and NFL but 
between the two networks for ratings and advertising dollars.
 Both stories were highly 
explanatory in nature, explaining why such things were important to the television 
January 15: Game day
The day of the game brought a significant upgrade in the amount of coverage 
Super Bowl I received. All eight newspapers had multiple stories spanning multiple pages 
of coverage. Including agate packages and briefs, The New York Times had 23 stories. 
Two ran on the cover – one an overview of the game that served as an advance, and a 
story about Rozelle’s frustration at the fact that the game did not sell out
. Several papers 
ran extensive agate packages, featuring team-by-team comparisons, schedules, statistics, 
and the names and background information on the game’s officials. The AP moved a 
position-by-position comparison of both teams in which all the starters for both teams at 
Kicking off the hype 
 Povich. The Washington Post. D-1. 
 Brent Musburger. “Real super battle Sunday will be CBS against NBC.” San Antonio 
Express-News. January 14, 1967, 4-B. The story also appeared in the Syracuse Post-
Standard. Musburger, in an ironic twist, went from criticizing TV in this story to 
becoming a well-known sports broadcaster for CBS in the 1970s and 1980s.
 Both Povich’s column and Musberger’s story were the only stories in the three-day 
sample that used any anonymous sources.
 “The Super Bowl: Football’s Day of Decision Stirs Nation” and “Rozelle says price is 
wrong as sale of tickets lag.” The New York Times. January 15, 1967. S-1.

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