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Kicking off the hype: Newspaper Coverage of Super Bowl I
Unformatted Document Text:  Richman, Milton. “Ominous notes in Vince’s drum?” St. Petersburg Times, January 14, 1967, B-1. “Rozelle says price is wrong as sale of tickets lag.” The New York Times, January 15, 1967, S-1. Smith, Red. “Packers have to prove it.” St. Petersburg Times. January 14, 1967, B-1. Smith, Red. “Super Bowl soup is Rozelle’s dish.” The Washington Post, January 15, 1967, C-5. Sons, Ray. “Packers put prestige on line.” Pittsburgh Press, January 15, 1967, 4-1. Universal Press International “60 million to watch Super Bowl.” The Pittsburgh Press, January 14, 1967, 6. United Press International. “Chiefs outclassed in Super Bowl.” Pittsburg Press, January 16, 1967, 38. United Press International. “Chiefs eager for return match” Pittsburgh Press, January 16, 1967, 38. Valli, Bob. “Foundling Chiefs Challenge the Old Pros” Oakland Tribune, January. 14, 1968, 14. Valli, Bob. “Showdown for Chiefs-Packers.” Oakland Tribune, January 15, 1967, 45. Veeck, Bill. “Airwaves to be filled with lots of Super Blah-Blah.” Pittsburgh Press, January 15, 1967, 4-4. Wallace, William. “Arbands to start at end for Chiefs.” The New York Times, January 14, 1967, 23. Wallace, William. “60 million to watch as Packers and Chiefs play today on TV.” The New York Time, January 15, 1967, S-1. Wallace, William. “Green Bay wins football title.” The New York Times, January 16, 1967, A-1. Secondary sourcesCarroll, Bob Newhardt. When the Grass Was Real. Simon & Schuster; New York, 1993. Kicking off the hype 27

Authors: Moritz, Brian.
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Richman, Milton. “Ominous notes in Vince’s drum?” St. Petersburg Times, January 14, 
1967, B-1.
“Rozelle says price is wrong as sale of tickets lag.” The New York Times, January 15, 
1967, S-1.
Smith, Red. “Packers have to prove it.” St. Petersburg Times. January 14, 1967,  B-1.
Smith, Red. “Super Bowl soup is Rozelle’s dish.” The Washington Post, January 15, 
1967, C-5. 
Sons, Ray. “Packers put prestige on line.” Pittsburgh Press, January 15, 1967, 4-1.
Universal Press International “60 million to watch Super Bowl.” The Pittsburgh Press
January 14, 1967, 6.
United Press International. “Chiefs outclassed in Super Bowl.” Pittsburg Press, January 
16, 1967, 38.
United Press International.  “Chiefs eager for return match” Pittsburgh Press, January 16, 
1967, 38.
Valli, Bob. “Foundling Chiefs Challenge the Old Pros” Oakland Tribune, January. 14, 
1968, 14.
Valli, Bob. “Showdown for Chiefs-Packers.” Oakland Tribune, January 15, 1967, 45.
Veeck, Bill. “Airwaves to be filled with lots of Super Blah-Blah.” Pittsburgh Press, 
January 15, 19674-4.
Wallace, William. “Arbands to start at end for Chiefs.” The New York Times, January 14, 
1967, 23.
Wallace, William. “60 million to watch as Packers and Chiefs play today on TV.” The 
New York Time, 
January 15, 1967, S-1.
Wallace, William. “Green Bay wins football title.” The New York Times, January 16, 
1967, A-1.
Secondary sources
Carroll, Bob Newhardt. When the Grass Was Real. Simon & Schuster; New York, 1993.
Kicking off the hype 

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