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Kicking off the hype: Newspaper Coverage of Super Bowl I
Unformatted Document Text:  The two leagues played their championship games on New Year’s Day, 1967. Green Bay, which had won three NFL championships since 1960 and was considered the premier team in that league, defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 34-27, to win the NFL title. The Kansas City Chiefs – who began their existence in Dallas before moving to Kansas City in 1963 – won their first AFL title with a 31-7 victory over the Buffalo Bills. The two teams would meet in two weeks in the first Super Bowl. It would mark the first time an NFL team played an AFL team. There hadn’t even been an exhibition game, scrimmage or even a practice between the two leagues. 14 In 1967, pro football was in a rare space in the sports landscape. In some ways, it was considered the most popular sport in the United States. On the other, the Super Bowl was a new kind of sporting event. In a way, it is the first modern sporting spectacle. At the time of the first game, all of the biggest events on the sporting calendar were long- established, tradition-heavy events – the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, the Indianapolis 500, the Rose Bowl 15 . The week after the AFL and NFL championship games, the cover of the January 9 edition of Sports Illustrated featured a photo of Bart Starr leading the Packers to victory over the Dallas Cowboys 16 . But a week later, the week leading up to the first Super Bowl, an issue that came out three days before the game, featured Lynn Tindall in a bathing suite. It was the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue 17 . Kicking off the hype 8 14 MacCambridge, 237 15 Ibid., 239 16 Sports Illustrated, January 9, 1967. 17 Sports Illustrated, January 16, 1967.

Authors: Moritz, Brian.
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The two leagues played their championship games on New Year’s Day, 1967. 
Green Bay, which had won three NFL championships since 1960 and was considered the 
premier team in that league, defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 34-27, to win the NFL title. 
The Kansas City Chiefs – who began their existence in Dallas before moving to Kansas 
City in 1963 – won their first AFL title with a 31-7 victory over the Buffalo Bills. The 
two teams would meet in two weeks in the first Super Bowl. It would mark the first time 
an NFL team played an AFL team. There hadn’t even been an exhibition game, 
scrimmage or even a practice between the two leagues.
In 1967, pro football was in a rare space in the sports landscape. In some ways, it 
was considered the most popular sport in the United States. On the other, the Super Bowl 
was a new kind of sporting event. In a way, it is the first modern sporting spectacle. At 
the time of the first game, all of the biggest events on the sporting calendar were long-
established, tradition-heavy events – the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, the 
Indianapolis 500, the Rose Bowl
The week after the AFL and NFL championship 
games, the cover of the January 9 edition of Sports Illustrated featured a photo of Bart 
Starr leading the Packers to victory over the Dallas Cowboys
. But a week later, the 
week leading up to the first Super Bowl, an issue that came out three days before the 
game, featured Lynn Tindall in a bathing suite. It was the magazine’s annual swimsuit 
Kicking off the hype 
 MacCambridge, 237
 Ibid., 239
 Sports Illustrated, January 9, 1967. 
 Sports Illustrated, January 16, 1967.

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