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Framing in the ‘New Media Environment’: Fox News Channel (FNC) Covers the Bristol Palin Pregnancy
Unformatted Document Text:  that truthful ‘centre’, and that it is connected to a centralized system of symbolic production whose “natural” role is to represent or frame that ‘centre’’ (45). Unlike the ‘centered’ press’s recursive role in repairing the ‘breaches’ to ‘norms governing social relations’ created by a ‘social drama’ (Ettema, 1990: 314)—as in ‘paradigm repair’ (Berkowitz, 2000)—de-centered framing does not address reconciliation to broader social values. As it corresponds to the effects of media polarization and balkanization, such framing would not rely on commonly held cultural or historical themes to unify its meaningful processes. Rather, it would depend on reifying the individualized power of ‘local’ or fragmented media outlets like FNC so that they may operate outside of the dominant system of centered media. Further, in order to demonstrate the role of power in de-centered media Couldry (2003a) borrows Bourdieu’s (2000) concept of ‘symbolic violence’ in his critique. Here Couldry explains how media are able to reproduce and accrue power by constantly, if variously, re-positioning or re-presenting frames in a kind of mediated shell game that obscures the lack of any actual basis. This media operation happens with the audience’s tacit complicity, as the concept of ‘symbolic violence’ describes the process by which those in power maintain their dominant position with the incognizant assent of the dominated (Bourdieu, 2000). In this sense, Couldry (2003a) suggests that we need to critically interrogate the way media constructs and legitimates its power through media rituals, which perpetuate the ‘myth of the mediated center.’

Authors: Durham, Frank.
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that truthful ‘centre’, and that it is connected to a centralized system of symbolic production 
whose “natural” role is to represent or frame that ‘centre’’ (45). 
Unlike the ‘centered’ press’s recursive role in repairing the ‘breaches’ to ‘norms 
governing social relations’ created by a ‘social drama’ (Ettema, 1990: 314)—as in ‘paradigm 
repair’ (Berkowitz, 2000)—de-centered framing does not address reconciliation to broader social 
values.  As it corresponds to the effects of media polarization and balkanization, such framing 
would not rely on commonly held cultural or historical themes to unify its meaningful processes. 
Rather, it would depend on reifying the individualized power of ‘local’ or fragmented media 
outlets like FNC so that they may operate outside of the dominant system of centered media. 
Further, in order to demonstrate the role of power in de-centered media Couldry (2003a) 
borrows Bourdieu’s (2000) concept of ‘symbolic violence’ in his critique. Here Couldry explains 
how media are able to reproduce and accrue power by constantly, if variously, re-positioning or 
re-presenting frames in a kind of mediated shell game that obscures the lack of any actual basis. 
This media operation happens with the audience’s tacit complicity, as the concept of ‘symbolic 
violence’ describes the process by which those in power maintain their dominant position with 
the incognizant assent of the dominated (Bourdieu, 2000).  In this sense, Couldry (2003a) 
suggests that we need to critically interrogate the way media constructs and legitimates its power 
through media rituals, which perpetuate the ‘myth of the mediated center.’

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