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Framing in the ‘New Media Environment’: Fox News Channel (FNC) Covers the Bristol Palin Pregnancy
Unformatted Document Text:  Entman, R. M. (2010). ‘Framing media power’, in P. D’Angelo and J. A. Kuypers (eds), Doing news framing analysis: Empirical and theoretical perspectives, pp. 331-355. New York: Routledge. Feder, L. (2008, September 2). ‘Privacy for Palin?’, Columbia Journalism Review, 2 September, , accessed 31 October 2009. Fox News All-Stars: Fox Special Report with Brit Hume (2008) Fox News Network, 1 September, , accessed 26 November 2008. Gamson, W. A. (1988) ‘The 1987 Distinguished Lecture: A constructionist approach to mass media and public opinion’, Symbolic Interaction, 11(2): 61-174. Gamson, W. A. & A. Modigliani (1989) ‘Media Discourse and Public Opinion on Nuclear Power: A Constructionist Approach’, American Journal of Sociology, 95(1): 1-37. Gamson, W. (1992) Talking politics. New York: Cambridge University Press. Gitlin, T. (1980) The whole world is watching: The mass media in the making and unmaking of the new left. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Goffman, E. (1974) Frame analysis: an essay on the organization of experience. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Gordon, L. (1997) ‘Teenage Pregnancy and Out-of-Wedlock Birth: Morals, Moralism Experts’, in A. M. Brandt and P. Rozin (eds) Morality and Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, pp. 251-270. New York: Routledge. Gramsci, A. (1971) Prison Notebooks. New York: International Publishers.

Authors: Durham, Frank.
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Entman, R. M. (2010). ‘Framing media power’, in P. D’Angelo and J. A. Kuypers (eds), Doing 
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