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Sic Juvat Transcendere Liberi: How Newspapers Built the Case for West Virginia Statehood
Unformatted Document Text:  western people kept the monikers of their identity; first, they are Virginians, tied to their colonial history and powerful past, and West, an emblem of their community in the mountains, separate from the east. Anderson’s concepts of nationalism can be seen in action in the building of the state of West Virginia. The people identified themselves as separate, found qualities that connected them, found reasons to dislike and separate from the “other,” and used those connective qualities to build ties that transcended barriers to unity. Barnhurst and Nerone found that in the 1860s, the partisan era of the press, people purchased newspapers that contained topics that interested them. Judging by the preponderance of content regarding the different west, the people of the section clearly wanted to be different. 54 West Virginia, 25 54 Kevin Barnhurst & John Nerone, The Form of News, (New York: The Guilford Press, 2001), 105-106.

Authors: Haught, Matthew.
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western people kept the monikers of their identity; first, they are Virginians, tied to their colonial 
history and powerful past, and West, an emblem of their community in the mountains, separate 
from the east.
Anderson’s concepts of nationalism can be seen in action in the building of the state of 
West Virginia. The people identified themselves as separate, found qualities that connected them, 
found reasons to dislike and separate from the “other,” and used those connective qualities to 
build ties that transcended barriers to unity. Barnhurst and Nerone found that in the 1860s, the 
partisan era of the press, people purchased newspapers that contained topics that interested them. 
Judging by the preponderance of content regarding the different west, the people of the section 
clearly wanted to be different.
West Virginia, 25
 Kevin Barnhurst & John Nerone, The Form of News, (New York: The Guilford Press, 2001), 105-106.

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