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Developing News Photography: The Post-WWII Rise of Normative Photojournalism Instruction in Liberal Arts Journalism Education
Unformatted Document Text:  15 education emphasizes the journalist who can perform multiple tasks and report across multiple platforms. 38 This has seemingly not been a smooth or easy transition for the industry or academia. While an emphasis on multimedia reporting has forced a greater inclusion of once- peripheral areas of journalism, the institutionalized momentum has made this directional change slow and protracted. The traditional central core of journalism education has either objected to watering down journalism education and/or been unable to teach these visual skills. By understanding normative photojournalism education practices and understanding how and why these practices developed, the modern journalism educator may begin to question his or her own practice. Through an analysis of normative practice, contemporary trends in journalism education are opened for examination and questioning. By questioning common sense notions, the journalism educator may find alternative approaches that could benefit not only photojournalism and multimedia education, but also journalism education as a whole. 38 Brian Massey, “What Job Advertisements Tell Us About Demand for Multiplatform Reporters At Legacy News Outlets,” Journalism & Mass Communication Educator Journalism & Mass Communication Educator 65, no. 2 (2010): 142-55. Serena Carpenter, “An Application of the Theory of Expertise: Teaching Broad and Skill Knowledge Areas to Prepare Journalists for Change,” Journalism & Mass Communication Educator Journalism & Mass Communication Educator 64, no. 3 (2009): 287-304.

Authors: Paddock, Stanton.
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education emphasizes the journalist who can perform multiple tasks and report across multiple 
 This has seemingly not been a smooth or easy transition for the industry or 
academia. While an emphasis on multimedia reporting has forced a greater inclusion of once-
peripheral areas of journalism, the institutionalized momentum has made this directional change 
slow and protracted. The traditional central core of journalism education has either objected to 
watering down journalism education and/or been unable to teach these visual skills. 
By understanding normative photojournalism education practices and understanding how 
and why these practices developed, the modern journalism educator may begin to question his or 
her own practice. Through an analysis of normative practice, contemporary trends in journalism 
education are opened for examination and questioning. By questioning common sense notions, 
the journalism educator may find alternative approaches that could benefit not only 
photojournalism and multimedia education, but also journalism education as a whole.
 Brian Massey, “What Job Advertisements Tell Us About Demand for Multiplatform Reporters 
At Legacy News Outlets,” Journalism & Mass Communication Educator Journalism & Mass 
Communication Educator 65, no. 2 (2010): 142-55. 
Serena Carpenter, “An Application of the Theory of Expertise: Teaching Broad and Skill 
Knowledge Areas to Prepare Journalists for Change,” Journalism & Mass Communication 
Educator Journalism & Mass Communication Educator 64, no. 3 (2009): 287-304. 

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