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The Psychology of Plagiarism
Unformatted Document Text:  personal relationships, showed correlations between the behavior and three of the five factors: extraversion, openness and conscientiousness. 50 The literature review resulted in the following hypotheses: H1: Journalism and mass communication students are no less likely than those in other majors to have committed plagiarism. H2: Plagiarists are more likely than their non-copying peers to see the offense as common on campus. H3: Plagiarists are more likely than non-plagiarists to dismiss copying and pasting material from the Internet. H4: Plagiarists differ from those who don’t in one or more Big Five personality measures. Method Students at two large universities in the eastern United States were surveyed between the fall of 2006 and the spring of 2009. Larger classes were chosen to efficiently distribute paper-and-pencil surveys to mass communication students as well as those in other majors, usually in the last 10 minutes of a regular class. No extra credit or other incentive was given for participation. The surveys were conducted according to institutional review board policies to protect the anonymity of respondents. About a dozen surveys were returned blank. Nineteen were rejected because respondents appeared to be answering insincerely, resulting in 908 valid surveys. Several versions of the Big Five measurements exist; the one chosen for this study was used by Orzeck and Lung in their study of relationship cheating, 51 and which in turn

Authors: Lewis, Norman. and Zhong, Bu.
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personal relationships, showed correlations between the behavior and three of the five 
factors: extraversion, openness and conscientiousness.
The literature review resulted in the following hypotheses:
H1: Journalism and mass communication students are no less likely than those in 
other majors to have committed plagiarism.
H2: Plagiarists are more likely than their non-copying peers to see the offense as 
common on campus.
H3: Plagiarists are more likely than non-plagiarists to dismiss copying and pasting 
material from the Internet.
H4: Plagiarists differ from those who don’t in one or more Big Five personality 
Students at two large universities in the eastern United States were surveyed 
between the fall of 2006 and the spring of 2009. Larger classes were chosen to efficiently 
distribute paper-and-pencil surveys to mass communication students as well as those in 
other majors, usually in the last 10 minutes of a regular class. No extra credit or other 
incentive was given for participation. The surveys were conducted according to 
institutional review board policies to protect the anonymity of respondents. About a 
dozen surveys were returned blank. Nineteen were rejected because respondents appeared 
to be answering insincerely, resulting in 908 valid surveys.
Several versions of the Big Five measurements exist; the one chosen for this study 
was used by Orzeck and Lung in their study of relationship cheating,
 and which in turn 

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