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Hostile Media or Hostile Source?: Bias perception of Weblog-embedded news
Unformatted Document Text:  HOSTILE PERCEPTION OF WEBLOG-EMBEDDED NEWS one of the two newspapers embedded as a blog post and two comments about the embedded story submitted by two anonymous users of the blog. The stimulus page was followed by a series of questions measuring perceptions of the news story and user comments. The experiment was completed within five days. Stimuli The stimulus page was created to resemble a screen shot of typical non-institutional Weblogs. As the topic of the embedded news story, budget for the national government of South Korea was chosen. For several months prior to the data collection period, the Korean parliament was fiercely debating budget for the next year. The national budget issue received a lot of media attention and was often covered through the frame of economic growth vs. equitable distribution. Thus, the embedded news story was constructed based on various actual news articles on the budget issue. The two sources utilized to represent two opposite political ideologies were Chosun Daily and Hankyoreh Newspaper. The former has the highest number of circulation amongst South Korean newspapers, reaching approximately 13% of the population, and is perceived to represent more conservative perspectives in the society. The latter, although ranking number seven in the overall circulation statistics, is the most preferred newspaper amongst college students and widely considered as the mainstream outlet for more progressive voices. For the user comments, news Websites and major public discussion Websites were surveyed. Initially, dozens of user comments on the Websites were harvested for consideration and four of them, two in favor of economic growth and two in favor of equitable distribution, were selected for their clarity and compatibility with the other comments in the length, tone, and 15

Authors: Park, Sung-Yeon., Yun, Gi Woong., Lee, Sooyoung. and Flynn, Mark.
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one of the two newspapers embedded as a blog post and two comments about the embedded 
story submitted by two anonymous users of the blog.  The stimulus page was followed by a 
series of questions measuring perceptions of the news story and user comments.  The experiment 
was completed within five days.
The stimulus page was created to resemble a screen shot of typical non-institutional 
Weblogs.  As the topic of the embedded news story, budget for the national government of South 
Korea was chosen.  For several months prior to the data collection period, the Korean parliament 
was fiercely debating budget for the next year.  The national budget issue received a lot of media 
attention and was often covered through the frame of economic growth vs. equitable distribution. 
Thus, the embedded news story was constructed based on various actual news articles on the 
budget issue.  
The two sources utilized to represent two opposite political ideologies were Chosun 
Daily and Hankyoreh Newspaper.  The former has the highest number of circulation amongst 
South Korean newspapers, reaching approximately 13% of the population, and is perceived to 
represent more conservative perspectives in the society.  The latter, although ranking number 
seven in the overall circulation statistics, is the most preferred newspaper amongst college 
students and widely considered as the mainstream outlet for more progressive voices.
For the user comments, news Websites and major public discussion Websites were 
surveyed.  Initially, dozens of user comments on the Websites were harvested for consideration 
and four of them, two in favor of economic growth and two in favor of equitable distribution, 
were selected for their clarity and compatibility with the other comments in the length, tone, and 

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