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Job Satisfaction Among Minority Advertising Professionals: An Update
Unformatted Document Text:  Minority Ad Professionals at advertising agencies (64.9%). Average annual salary (including bonuses) was $42,037 with a median of $40,000 ranging from $30,000 to $75,000. For those employed in non- advertising fields the average salary was $43,452 with a median of $40,000 and a range from $17,000 to $87,000. Research Question 1: What is the level of job satisfaction among minority professionals? Does job satisfaction for those employed in advertising-related jobs differ from those employed in non-advertising related positions? Table 1 contains summaries of responses to the 5 items on the job satisfaction scale. Respondents’ overall Job Satisfaction Score, which represents an average of the 5 items, was 5.09 on a seven-point scale. For those working in advertising (n=81), overall job satisfaction was 4.99 versus 5.73 those in non-advertising related jobs (n=11). An independent samples t-test showed that the difference in job satisfaction between the two groups was significant (t=-1.989; p=.050). Advertising professionals were most satisfied with their co-workers and least satisfied with their pay. Those working in non- advertising position were most satisfied with their supervision – significantly more satisfied than their advertising counterparts (AdMean = 5.25; NonAdMean=6.36; t = -2.260; p =.026). However because of the small number of non-advertising professionals in the sample, the differences between the groups should be interpreted with caution. Research Question 2: Has job satisfaction among minorities who are currently working in advertising changed when compared with a similar group of minority advertising professionals who were surveyed in 2006? For minority professionals who were surveyed in 2006 (Fullerton et al, 2007), job 12

Authors: Fullerton, Jami. and kendrick, alice.
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Minority Ad Professionals
at advertising agencies (64.9%).  Average annual salary (including bonuses) was $42,037 
with a median of $40,000 ranging from $30,000 to $75,000.  For those employed in non-
advertising fields the average salary was $43,452 with a median of $40,000 and a range 
from $17,000 to $87,000.  
Research Question 1:  What is the level of job satisfaction among minority
 professionals?  Does job satisfaction for those employed in advertising-related jobs differ 
from those employed in non-advertising related positions?
Table 1 contains summaries of responses to the 5 items on the job satisfaction 
scale.  Respondents’ overall Job Satisfaction Score, which represents an average of the 5 
items, was 5.09 on a seven-point scale.  For those working in advertising (n=81), overall 
job satisfaction was 4.99 versus 5.73 those in non-advertising related jobs (n=11). An 
independent samples t-test showed that the difference in job satisfaction between the two 
groups was significant (t=-1.989; p=.050).  Advertising professionals were most satisfied 
with their co-workers and least satisfied with their pay.  Those working in non-
advertising position were most satisfied with their supervision – significantly more 
satisfied than their advertising counterparts (AdMean = 5.25; NonAdMean=6.36; t = 
-2.260; p =.026). However because of the small number of non-advertising professionals 
in the sample, the differences between the groups should be interpreted with caution.
Research Question 2: Has job satisfaction among minorities who are currently 
working in advertising changed when compared with a similar group of minority 
advertising professionals who were surveyed in 2006? 
For minority professionals who were surveyed in 2006 (Fullerton et al, 2007), job 

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