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Job Satisfaction Among Minority Advertising Professionals: An Update
Unformatted Document Text:  Minority Ad Professionals the issues of Preparedness and Social Aspects received the most comments. Within the Preparedness category, Learning Curve and Getting the First Job were cited more frequently by alumni in the 2010 study than those in 2006. Within Social Aspects, the issue of challenges in working with Co-Workers and Supervisors received many more mentions from the more recent alumni than those who responded in 2006, even though as reported above alumni who worked in advertising generally rated their co-workers highly on a seven-point scale. Table 3 contains Strategies used by minority advertising employees to address workplace challenges. More recent MPMS alumni were more likely than previous alumni to reach out to others in an effort to overcome workplace concerns, but they were also more likely to quit their jobs or request to be moved to another account if they encountered difficulties. Research Question 5: What role do mentors play in job satisfaction for minority advertising professionals? About three-fourths of alumni surveyed in 2010 (75.2%) had at least one mentor in college, and a majority (61.8%) reported a professor filled that role in college. About two-thirds (69.8%) of MPMS alumni said they have at least one person they currently consider a professional mentor. Those with a mentor were significantly more satisfied with their jobs than those without mentors (MentorM = 5.27; NonMentorM = 4.67; t = 2.349; p = .021). About half (46.4%) of those without a mentor currently indicated that they would like to find one. 14

Authors: Fullerton, Jami. and kendrick, alice.
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Minority Ad Professionals
the issues of Preparedness and Social Aspects received the most comments.
Within the Preparedness category, Learning Curve and Getting the First Job were 
cited more frequently by alumni in the 2010 study than those in 2006.  Within Social 
Aspects, the issue of challenges in working with Co-Workers and Supervisors received 
many more mentions from the more recent alumni than those who responded in 2006, 
even though as reported above alumni who worked in advertising generally rated their 
co-workers highly on a seven-point scale.
Table 3 contains Strategies used by minority advertising employees to address 
workplace challenges.  More recent MPMS alumni were more likely than previous 
alumni to reach out to others in an effort to overcome workplace concerns, but they were 
also more likely to quit their jobs or request to be moved to another account if they 
encountered difficulties.    
Research Question 5:  What role do mentors play in job satisfaction for minority 
advertising professionals?
About three-fourths of alumni surveyed in 2010 (75.2%) had at least one mentor 
in college, and a majority (61.8%) reported a professor filled that role in college. About 
two-thirds (69.8%) of MPMS alumni said they have at least one person they currently 
consider a professional mentor.  Those with a mentor were significantly more satisfied 
with their jobs than those without mentors (MentorM = 5.27; NonMentorM = 4.67; t = 
2.349; p = .021).  About half  (46.4%) of those without a mentor currently indicated that 
they would like to find one.

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