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Job Satisfaction Among Minority Advertising Professionals: An Update
Unformatted Document Text:  Minority Ad Professionals Job Satisfaction Among Minority Advertising Professionals: An Update In September of 2006 the advertising industry was publicly scrutinized for alleged discriminatory hiring practices (Sanders, 2006a). The New York City Commission on Human Rights ended a two-year investigation culminating in16 major agencies signing memos of understanding with the Commission and setting goals to hire more minorities (Sanders, 2007a). At about that same time, Fullerton, Kendrick & Frazier (2007) surveyed advertising professionals who were formerly honored as top minority students about their job satisfaction, career goals and other workplace issues. The study found that the young minority professionals enjoyed relatively high levels of job satisfaction, similar to their counterparts who went into other fields and also similar to other advertising professionals. However, the study also cited challenges in job preparedness and social issues, such as lack of minority mentors and having to push harder for promotions than their Caucasian counterparts. Now five years later, even though most of the slated agencies have met or exceeded their self-set hiring goals, the New York City Commission on Human Rights does not appear satisfied with the industry’s progress (Bush, 2011). According to Advertising Age, “It’s 2011, and while many things have changed in the advertising industry, the sorry state of diversity hiring isn’t among them,” (p. 4). The Commission has taken another look at the most recent diversity hiring numbers and reported that “they were not as good as you might have thought” (p. 4) given the initial data provided by the agencies. Once again, threats of court actions against the advertising industry are in the news. 3

Authors: Fullerton, Jami. and kendrick, alice.
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Minority Ad Professionals
Job Satisfaction Among Minority Advertising Professionals:
An Update
In September of 2006 the advertising industry was publicly scrutinized for alleged 
discriminatory hiring practices (Sanders, 2006a).  The New York City Commission on 
Human Rights ended a two-year investigation culminating in16 major agencies signing 
memos of understanding with the Commission and setting goals to hire more minorities 
(Sanders, 2007a).  At about that same time, Fullerton, Kendrick & Frazier (2007) 
surveyed advertising professionals who were formerly honored as top minority students 
about their job satisfaction, career goals and other workplace issues.  The study found 
that the young minority professionals enjoyed relatively high levels of job satisfaction, 
similar to their counterparts who went into other fields and also similar to other 
advertising professionals. However, the study also cited challenges in job preparedness 
and social issues, such as lack of minority mentors and having to push harder for 
promotions than their Caucasian counterparts.
Now five years later, even though most of the slated agencies have met or 
exceeded their self-set hiring goals, the New York City Commission on Human Rights 
does not appear satisfied with the industry’s progress (Bush, 2011).  According to 
Advertising Age, “It’s 2011, and while many things have changed in the advertising 
industry, the sorry state of diversity hiring isn’t among them,” (p. 4).  The Commission 
has taken another look at the most recent diversity hiring numbers and reported that “they 
were not as good as you might have thought” (p. 4) given the initial data provided by the 
agencies.  Once again, threats of court actions against the advertising industry are in the 

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