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Job Satisfaction Among Minority Advertising Professionals: An Update
Unformatted Document Text:  Minority Ad Professionals minority student talent and advertising employers together, in 1996 they launched the annual Most Promising Minority Students in Advertising Program (MPMS), which up to this date has turned out 538 African American, Asian American, Hispanic, Native American and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander industry professionals (“Most Promising,” 2011). The data for this study, as was also the case in the 2006 minority advertising professional survey (Fullerton, Kendrick & Frazier, 2007), was gathered from alumni of the AAF’s Most Promising Minority program. Other diversity efforts by the AAF and other organizations include regional minority career fairs, summer internship programs and agency recruiting at historically black colleges and universities. In December 2009, Howard University, in partnership with the 4A's, launched a program to train mid-level minority managers to make lateral moves into agencies. Other similar programs exist include MAIP (Minority Advertising Internship Program), which is sponsored by the 4A’s and puts minority talent into 10- week summer paid internships at top advertising agencies (“MAIP Information for Students,” 2011). Job Satisfaction One tactic for achieving diversity – the retention of existing minority staffers -- may be achieved through understanding minority advertising professionals’ current levels of job satisfaction, particularly as it compares with job satisfaction for all advertising professionals and for minorities in other industries. The concept of job satisfaction has deep roots in the human resource and organizational behavior literature. In a 1959 landmark book called Motivation to Work, Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman outlined factors affecting job satisfaction. Salary was 7

Authors: Fullerton, Jami. and kendrick, alice.
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Minority Ad Professionals
minority student talent and advertising employers together, in 1996 they launched the 
annual Most Promising Minority Students in Advertising Program (MPMS), which up to 
this date has turned out 538 African American, Asian American, Hispanic, Native 
American and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander industry professionals (“Most Promising,” 
2011). The data for this study, as was also the case in the 2006 minority advertising 
professional survey (Fullerton, Kendrick & Frazier, 2007), was gathered from alumni of 
the AAF’s Most Promising Minority program.
Other diversity efforts by the AAF and other organizations include regional 
minority career fairs, summer internship programs and agency recruiting at historically 
black colleges and universities. In December 2009, Howard University, in partnership 
with the 4A's, launched a program to train mid-level minority managers to make lateral 
moves into agencies.  Other similar programs exist include MAIP (Minority Advertising 
Internship Program), which is sponsored by the 4A’s and puts minority talent into 10-
week summer paid internships at top advertising agencies (“MAIP Information for 
Students,” 2011).  
Job Satisfaction
One tactic for achieving diversity – the retention of existing minority staffers -- 
may be achieved through understanding minority advertising professionals’ current levels 
of job satisfaction, particularly as it compares with job satisfaction for all advertising 
professionals and for minorities in other industries.
The concept of job satisfaction has deep roots in the human resource and 
organizational behavior literature.  In a 1959 landmark book called Motivation to Work, 
Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman outlined factors affecting job satisfaction.  Salary was 

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