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A Qualitative Analysis of How and Why People Use Social Network Sites: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Korea and the U.S.
Unformatted Document Text:  14 him a break from his daily routine. He considers Facebook an important part of his life because he thinks he will lose many things without Facebook.  “Network Manager” This person logs into Facebook when he gets a notification via email. He uses Facebook for the purpose of managing his social network. By using Facebook, he can not only meet new people who have similar interests as his but can also easily keep in touch with existing friends, reading about what they have done recently and giving them support. He regards Facebook as a very useful tool in maintaining his relationships with others.  “Represent Myself” This person logs into Facebook very frequently, at least once a day, whenever there is something that he wants to show others. His main activities on Facebook are updating his status or posting something related to him. He does not hesitate to express himself and often talks about his personal life on Facebook. He thinks Facebook is a great place to present or promote himself to the public.  “Just for Fun” This person uses Facebook just for fun. He logs into Facebook when he feels bored. He enjoys reading or posting something funny or interesting on Facebook but does not share his personal life on it. He thinks Facebook is a useful toy for passing time but does not regard it as important in his life. Insert Figure 2 Here Having provided a general picture of each of the five themes making up the model, next section will explain a more detailed description of their motivations and usage strategies for

Authors: Yoo, Jinnie.
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him a break from his daily routine. He considers Facebook an important part of his life 
because he thinks he will lose many things without Facebook. 
“Network Manager” 
This person logs into Facebook when he gets a notification via email. He uses Facebook 
for the purpose of managing his social network. By using Facebook, he can not only meet 
new people who have similar interests as his but can also easily keep in touch with existing 
friends, reading about what they have done recently and giving them support. He regards 
Facebook as a very useful tool in maintaining his relationships with others. 
“Represent Myself” 
This person logs into Facebook very frequently, at least once a day, whenever there is 
something that he wants to show others. His main activities on Facebook are updating his 
status or posting something related to him. He does not hesitate to express himself and 
often talks about his personal life on Facebook. He thinks Facebook is a great place to 
present or promote himself to the public.   
“Just for Fun” 
This person uses Facebook just for fun. He logs into Facebook when he feels bored. He 
enjoys reading or posting something funny or interesting on Facebook but does not share 
his personal life on it. He thinks Facebook is a useful toy for passing time but does not 
regard it as important in his life.  
Insert Figure 2 Here 
Having provided a general picture of each of the five themes making up the model, next 
section will explain a more detailed description of their motivations and usage strategies for 

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