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A Qualitative Analysis of How and Why People Use Social Network Sites: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Korea and the U.S.
Unformatted Document Text:  22 Two core themes emerged regarding the activities of American participants. The first theme was ―Look at my stuff.‖ Although two of the American participants said they do not update their personal status often, both of them complained that many of their friends talk about themselves and their lives too much. The main activities of the people who like to share their personal story are ―Updating my status and pictures.‖ While this type of person enjoys talking about his/her personal story, others like to ―post something interesting or funny‖ instead (e.g., news, pictures, videos, links, etc.). These people with independent selves tend to be direct, saying what is on their mind and not hesitating to express themselves when sharing information with others. I guess I usually post things that I think are cool or interesting. Something I saw happen, something that annoyed me, pictures of food, I do that a lot, whatever... I intend on using Facebook to promote my photography, exhibitions, awards, fund raising, and so forth. It is actually a great media [sic] for me to show my stuff. And I also use my Facebook to talk about photography with people who are interested in it. The next theme was ―Entertain myself.‖ By ―Reading something interesting‖, ―Listening to music‖, ―Watching interesting video,‖ and ―Visiting other websites via links,‖ they use Facebook for the purpose of entertaining themselves. They are more likely to look for something interesting, funny, or impressive than to read others‘ personal stories: I log into Facebook if I have messages or notifications I check those first...otherwise I just look at my feed and click on things that are interesting to, news stories, music… The two themes found from Koreans‘ activities on the Wall were very different from those of Americans. The first theme to emerge was ―Listen to others.‖ Korean respondents said they

Authors: Yoo, Jinnie.
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Two core themes emerged regarding the activities of American participants. The first theme 
was ―Look at my stuff.‖ Although two of the American participants said they do not update their 
personal status often, both of them complained that many of their friends talk about themselves 
and their lives too much. The main activities of the people who like to share their personal story 
are ―Updating my status and pictures.‖ While this type of person enjoys talking about his/her 
personal story, others like to ―post something interesting or funny‖ instead (e.g., news, pictures, 
videos, links, etc.). These people with independent selves tend to be direct, saying what is on 
their mind and not hesitating to express themselves when sharing information with others.  
I guess I usually post things that I think are cool or interesting. Something I saw happen, something 
that annoyed me, pictures of food, I do that a lot, whatever... 
I intend on using Facebook to promote my photography, exhibitions, awards, fund raising, and so 
forth. It is actually a great media [sic] for me to show my stuff. And I also use my Facebook to talk 
about photography with people who are interested in it.  
The next theme was ―Entertain myself.‖ By ―Reading something interesting‖, ―Listening to 
music‖, ―Watching interesting video,‖ and ―Visiting other websites via links,‖ they use Facebook 
for the purpose of entertaining themselves. They are more likely to look for something 
interesting, funny, or impressive than to read others‘ personal stories: 
I log into Facebook if I have messages or notifications I check those first...otherwise I just look at 
my feed and click on things that are interesting to, news stories, music… 
The two themes found from Koreans‘ activities on the Wall were very different from those 
of Americans. The first theme to emerge was ―Listen to others.‖ Korean respondents said they 

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