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Newspaper Visibility of Members of Parliament in Kenya
Unformatted Document Text:  NEWSPAPER VISIBILITY OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT IN KENYA 2 Newspaper Visibility of Members of Parliament in Kenya Abstract This research investigates variables that predicted news coverage of 219 Members of Parliament in Kenya by four national newspapers in 2009. The 10 variables examined are: ordinary Member of Parliament, cabinet minister, powerful ministry, parliamentary committee chairmanship, seniority, big tribe identity, major party affiliation, presidential ambition, commenting on contentious issues, and criticizing government. Findings indicate that commenting on contentious issues, criticizing government, being a cabinet minister, being an ordinary MP, holding a powerful cabinet portfolio, and seniority significantly predicted visibility of the parliamentarians. Commenting on controversial issues and major party identification were the strongest and weakest predictors, respectively. Additionally, of the top 10-most visible MPs, eight were cabinet ministers, with seven of them holding powerful ministerial positions. Key words: Kenya, Kenyan politicians, Members of Parliament, newspaper visibility, visibility. Newspaper Visibility of Members of Parliament in Kenya Introduction

Authors: Ireri, Kioko.
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Newspaper Visibility of Members of Parliament in Kenya
This   research   investigates   variables   that   predicted   news   coverage   of   219   Members   of  
Parliament in Kenya by four national newspapers in 2009. The 10 variables examined are:  
ordinary Member of Parliament, cabinet minister, powerful ministry, parliamentary committee  
chairmanship,   seniority,   big   tribe   identity,   major   party   affiliation,   presidential   ambition,  
commenting   on   contentious   issues,   and   criticizing   government.   Findings   indicate   that  
commenting on contentious issues, criticizing government, being a cabinet minister, being an  
ordinary MP, holding a powerful cabinet portfolio, and seniority significantly predicted visibility  
of the parliamentarians. Commenting on controversial issues and major party identification  
were   the   strongest   and   weakest   predictors,   respectively.   Additionally,   of   the   top   10-most  
visible MPs, eight were cabinet  ministers, with seven of them holding powerful ministerial  
Key words: Kenya, Kenyan politicians, Members of Parliament, newspaper visibility, visibility.
Newspaper Visibility of Members of Parliament in Kenya

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