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Newspaper Visibility of Members of Parliament in Kenya
Unformatted Document Text:  NEWSPAPER VISIBILITY OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT IN KENYA 21 MPs; nine of them are from big tribes. Also, 67.5% of the cabinet is composed of MPs from large ethnic groups. Future studies should consider investigating the same variables in television news coverage of MPs as well as in newspaper editorials, commentaries, and opinion columns which were excluded from this study. Another potential area of future research is parliamentary proceedings which from two years ago are now covered live by the state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation television. References Adams, W., & Ferber, P. (1977). Television Interview Shows: The Politics of Visibility. Journal of Broadcasting, 21 (2), 141-151. Cook, T. (1998). Governing With the News. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press. Cook, T. (1986). House Members as Newsmakers: The Effects of Televising Congress. Legislative Studies Quarterly, 2, 203 - 226. Fico, F. (1984). The Ultimate Spokesman Revisited: Media Visibility of State Lawmakers. Journalism Quarterly, 61 (2), 383 - 391. Gans, H. (1979). Deciding What’s News. New York, NY: Pantheon Books. Hibbing, J., & Theiss-Morse, E. (1998). The Media’s Role in Public Negativity Toward Congress: Distinguishing Emotional Reactions and Cognitive Evaluations. American Journal of Political Science, 42 (2), 475 – 498. Infotrak. (2010). What Kenyans expect of the year 2010. Nairobi, Kenya: HarrisInteractive. Iyengar, S., & Kinder, D. (1987). News That Matters. Chicago, IL: The University of Chicago Press. Kuklinski, J., & Sigelman, L. (1992). When Objectivity is Not Objective: Network Television News Coverage of U.S. Senators and the “Paradox of Objectivity.” The Journal of Politics, 54 (3), 810 - 833.

Authors: Ireri, Kioko.
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MPs; nine of them are from big tribes. Also, 67.5% of the cabinet is composed of MPs from large ethnic  
Future studies should consider investigating the same variables in television news coverage of 
MPs as well as in newspaper editorials, commentaries, and opinion columns which were excluded from 
this study. Another potential area of future research is parliamentary proceedings which from two 
years ago are now covered live by the state-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation television. 
Adams, W., & Ferber, P. (1977). Television Interview Shows: The Politics of Visibility. Journal of 
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Distinguishing Emotional Reactions and Cognitive Evaluations.  American Journal of Political  
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Coverage of U.S. Senators and the “Paradox of Objectivity.” The Journal of Politics, 54 (3), 810 - 

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