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Expecting the unexpected: Nonprofit media responses to anti-abortion terrorism
Unformatted Document Text:  Running head: RESPONSES TO ANTI-ABORTION TERRORISM Expecting the unexpected: Nonprofit media responses to anti-abortion terrorism Behind cinderblock walls, steel-plated doors and bulletproof glass, Dr. Damon Stutes has taken up arms in the war over a medical procedure that 's not only legal but -- in his opinion -- moral and ethical as well… “Watch this,” he says....A priest on a talk show says it's not so bad that abortion providers get shot dead once in a while. “I am really pissed,” Stutes says, pointing up at the TV screen. “Not only does this guy call for my murder, but my wife's murder, my children's murder, my UPS driver's murder. I'm not calling for his murder, or taking away his rights. “I'm simply saying, Leave me and my patients and my staff alone. Take your debate to church or the legislature, but leave us alone. We're doing what is moral, legal, ethical and right.” (Taylor, 1995) Dr. George Tiller’s murder in 2009 at the hand of Scott Roeder marked the first killing of an abortion provider in the United States in eleven years. This attack highlighted the continuing struggle to address anti-abortion terrorism in the United States and foreshadowed the conservative Republican victory in the 2010 midterm elections, which created an opening for the abortion debate 1 to dominate the national discourse and legislative session. The Republican agenda included the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” (HR3) which aimed to limit access to abortion and defund comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception. In this crisis situation, nonprofit women’s organizations initiated successful public campaigns to inform voters about the ramifications of this legislation. Republican leadership responded to public outcry by restoring the original wording of the Hyde Amendment rider, which bars the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion (Sonmez, 2011). More extreme legislation, such as the South Dakota Legislature’s House Bill 1171 (HB 1171), which passed out of the House 1 In accordance with 2010 Associated Press Stylebook, the terms anti-abortion and abortion rights supporters will be used, except when direct quotes dictate otherwise. 2

Authors: Sundstrom, Beth., Briones, Rowena. and Janoske, Melissa.
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Expecting the unexpected: Nonprofit media responses to anti-abortion terrorism 
Behind cinderblock walls, steel-plated doors and
bulletproof glass, Dr. Damon Stutes has taken up arms in the war over a
medical procedure that 's not only legal but -- in his opinion -- moral and
 ethical as well…
“Watch this,” he says....A priest on a talk show says it's not so bad that abortion
providers get shot dead once in a while.
“I am really pissed,” Stutes says, pointing up at the TV screen. “Not
 only does this guy call for my murder, but my wife's murder, my children's
murder, my UPS driver's murder. I'm not calling for his murder, or taking
away his rights.
“I'm simply saying, Leave me and my patients and my staff alone. Take
 your debate to church or the legislature, but leave us alone. We're doing
what is moral, legal, ethical and right.” (Taylor, 1995)
Dr. George Tiller’s murder in 2009 at the hand of Scott Roeder marked the first killing of 
an abortion provider in the United States in eleven years. This attack highlighted the continuing 
struggle to address anti-abortion terrorism in the United States and foreshadowed the 
conservative Republican victory in the 2010 midterm elections, which created an opening for the 
abortion debate
 to dominate the national discourse and legislative session. The Republican 
agenda included the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” (HR3) which aimed to limit 
access to abortion and defund comprehensive reproductive health care, including contraception. 
In this crisis situation, nonprofit women’s organizations initiated successful public campaigns to 
inform voters about the ramifications of this legislation. Republican leadership responded to 
public outcry by restoring the original wording of the Hyde Amendment rider, which bars the use 
of certain federal funds to pay for abortion (Sonmez, 2011). More extreme legislation, such as 
the South Dakota Legislature’s House Bill 1171 (HB 1171), which passed out of the House 
In accordance with 2010 Associated Press Stylebook, the terms anti-abortion and abortion rights supporters will be used, except 
when direct quotes dictate otherwise.

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