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Expecting the unexpected: Nonprofit media responses to anti-abortion terrorism
Unformatted Document Text:  Running head: RESPONSES TO ANTI-ABORTION TERRORISM Salmon, J. L. (2009, July 15). Old mission, new life: Randall Terry wants to lead rebirth of antiabortion fight. The Washington Post, pp. C1. Schultz, F., Utz, S., & Göritz, A. (2011). Is the medium the message? Perceptions of and reactions to crisis communication via twitter, blogs and traditional media. Public Relations Review, 37, 20-27. Seeger, M. W., Sellnow, T. L., & Ulmer, R. R. (2008). Crisis communication and the public health. Creskill, N.J.: Hampton Press. Seegmiller, B. (2007). Radicalized margins: Eric Rudolph and religious violence. Terrorism and Political Violence, 19(4), 511-528. doi:10.1080/09546550701606531 Sellnow, T. L., Seeger, M. W., & Ulmer, R. R. (2002). Chaos theory, informational needs, and natural disasters. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 30(4), 269-292. doi:10.1080/00909880216599 Silverman, D., & Marvasti, A. (2008). Doing qualitative research: A comprehensive guide. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications, Inc. Slevin, P. (2009, June 8). Antiabortion efforts move to the state level; Legislatures often mandate restrictions. The Washington Post, pp. A1. Slevin, P. (2009b, June 2). Slaying raises fears on both sides of abortion debate. The Washington Post, pp. A1. Sonmez, F. (2011, February 9). Abortion debate heats up on Capitol Hill. The Washington Post, A02. Washington, D.C. Accessed from abortion-debate-heats-up-in-house/2011/02/08/ABS1mZF_story.html. START. (2011). Global Terrorism Database. College Park, MD: University of Maryland. Accessed from 45

Authors: Sundstrom, Beth., Briones, Rowena. and Janoske, Melissa.
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Salmon, J. L. (2009, July 15). Old mission, new life: Randall Terry wants to lead rebirth 
of antiabortion fight. The Washington Post, pp. C1. 
Schultz, F., Utz, S., & Göritz, A. (2011). Is the medium the message? Perceptions of and 
reactions to crisis communication via twitter, blogs and traditional media. Public  
Relations Review, 37, 20-27. 
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Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications, Inc.
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mandate restrictions. The Washington Post, pp. A1. 
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Washington Post, pp. A1. 
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A02. Washington, D.C. Accessed from 
START. (2011). Global Terrorism Database. College Park, MD: University of Maryland. 
Accessed from 

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