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Portrayal of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in U.S. Newspapers
Unformatted Document Text:  Negative Paragraph (March 21) "The big problem is Talabani's family and Barzani's family," said Kamal Rahim, the editor of Hawlati, the region's largest independent newspaper. "Both families have small groups that they trust. They are running everything for them and dealing for them. Some of the businessmen, they are not even members of the parties." Neutral paragraph (July 19) “Rasch is known to most people in the Kurdish region as Hallo Ibrahim Ahmed, after his father, Ibrahim Ahmed, a respected Kurdish thinker and a founder of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Several years after its creation, Ahmed broke ranks with the party, joined by his son-in-law, Talabani, who would later form the Patriotic Union. Educated in England and Sweden, Rasch was a professor of computer sciences at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm until 2000, when he moved back to Sulaymaniyah and started a group that worked with young people.” The Washington Times Positive paragraph (Feb. 5) At the time, "Jews lived peaceably among Muslims and Christians," his son told me. "It was a place that when people did try to stir hatred between religions, the Kurds would not stand for it." Negative paragraph (July 23) “Mr. Johnson's interest in civil rights will get quite a workout in northern Iraq. The news service Compass Direct just wrote about a hapless 16-year-old girl in the Kurdish city of Dohuk who converted to Christianity. Two years ago, when an uncle tried to kill her for

Authors: Ghafour, Goran.
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Negative Paragraph (March 21) 
"The big problem is Talabani's family and Barzani's family," said Kamal Rahim, the  
editor of Hawlati, the region's largest independent newspaper. "Both families have small  
groups that they trust. They are running everything for them and dealing for them. Some  
of the businessmen, they are not even members of the parties."
Neutral paragraph (July 19)
“Rasch is known to most people in the Kurdish region as Hallo Ibrahim Ahmed, after his 
father, Ibrahim Ahmed, a respected Kurdish thinker and a founder of the Kurdistan  
Democratic Party. Several years after its creation, Ahmed broke ranks with the party,  
joined by his son-in-law, Talabani, who would later form the Patriotic Union. Educated  
in England and Sweden, Rasch was a professor of computer sciences at the Royal 
Institute of Technology in Stockholm until 2000, when he moved back to Sulaymaniyah 
and started a group that worked with young people.”
The Washington Times
Positive paragraph (Feb. 5)
At the time, "Jews lived peaceably among Muslims and Christians," his son told me.  
"It was a place that when people did try to stir hatred between religions, the Kurds 
would not stand for it."
Negative paragraph (July 23)
“Mr. Johnson's interest in civil rights will get quite a workout in northern Iraq. The news  
service Compass Direct just wrote about a hapless 16-year-old girl in the Kurdish city of  
Dohuk who converted to Christianity. Two years ago, when an uncle tried to kill her for  

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