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Portrayal of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in U.S. Newspapers
Unformatted Document Text:  Kurds of Iraq have been willing partners with the U.S. in the democratic transition in Iraq since 2003, and the Kurdistan region has served as a model of Iraq’s democratization since Operation Iraqi Freedom. The establishment of a United States consulate in the Kurdistan region will demonstrate a U.S. commitment to maintaining and building upon the success and stability of this prosperous and democratic Iraqi region ( ). The Kurds participated very actively in the Iraqi political and democratic process and in rebuilding the country. “The extensive and high-level Kurdish participation marked the first time in Iraq’s history that the Kurds had entered national politics in Baghdad on an equal footing with Iraq’s Arab majority” (Katzman & Prados, 2005, p.4). The Kurdish military forces, which are called “Peshmarga” and means “Challenging death” in Kurdish language, fought with the U.S. forces against insurgency. Kurdish leaders supported the idea of recruiting some Peshmarga into the national security forces to help protect Iraq from insurgents (Ashad, 2005). The U.S. government considers the Iraqi Kurdistan Region as a friend because the region supports the agenda of the U.S. government in building a democratic and federal Iraq. Beyond that, the Region is applying the principles of democracy in the new Iraq something the U.S. government claims it will bring to Iraq and the Middle East (Karzan, 2007). The Kurdistan region experienced a democratic year as for the first time an opposition as the third party came up and participated in the July 25 elections in which it won 25 seats. The election hailed by the International electoral

Authors: Ghafour, Goran.
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Kurds of Iraq have been willing partners with the U.S. in the democratic 
transition in Iraq since 2003, and the Kurdistan region has served as a 
model of Iraq’s democratization since Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 
establishment of a United States consulate in the Kurdistan region will 
demonstrate a U.S. commitment to maintaining and building upon the 
success and stability of this prosperous and democratic Iraqi region 
     The Kurds participated very actively in the Iraqi political and democratic process 
and in rebuilding the country. “The extensive and high-level Kurdish participation 
marked the first time in Iraq’s history that the Kurds had entered national politics in 
Baghdad on an equal footing with Iraq’s Arab majority” (Katzman & Prados, 2005, 
p.4). The Kurdish military forces, which are called “Peshmarga” and means 
“Challenging death”  in Kurdish language, fought with the U.S. forces against 
insurgency. Kurdish leaders supported the idea of recruiting some Peshmarga into the 
national security forces to help protect Iraq from insurgents (Ashad, 2005). 
The U.S. government considers the Iraqi Kurdistan Region as a friend because 
the region supports the agenda of the U.S. government in building a democratic and 
federal Iraq. Beyond that, the Region is applying the principles of democracy in the 
new Iraq something the U.S. government claims it will bring to Iraq and the Middle 
East (Karzan,  2007). The Kurdistan region experienced a democratic year as for the 
first time an opposition as the third party came up and participated in the July 25 
elections in which it won 25 seats. The election hailed by the International electoral 

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