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Latino Youth as Information Leaders: Implications for Family Interaction and Civic Engagement in Immigrant Communities
Unformatted Document Text:  Information Leaders about politics, I try to figure out what is REALLY going on.” Respondents used the none/a great deal scale for the final item: “How much attention do you pay to news about politics from media?” (alpha = .78). Trust. A summed, two-item index measured interpersonal trust. Most people “will try to take advantage of you if they get the chance” and “only look out for themselves.” We reversed values for the strongly disagree/strongly agree scale (alpha = .75). Civic efficacy. “I believe I can make a difference in my community” (same response scale). - - - Appendix Table 1 here - - - References Austin, E. W., & Nelson, C. L. (1993). Influences of ethnicity, family communication, and media on adolescents’ socialization to U.S. politics. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 37(4), 419-435. Berk, M. L., Schur, C. L., Chavez, L. R., & Frankel, M. (2000). Health care use among undocumented Latino immigrants. Health Affairs, 19(4), 51-64, Dorner, L. M., Orellana, M. F., & Jiménez, R. (2008). “It’s one of those things that you do to help the family”: Language brokering and the development of immigrant adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Research, 23(5), 515-543. Dorner, L. M., Orellana, M. F., Li-Grining, C. P. (2007). “I helped my Mom,” and it helped me: Translating the skills of language brokers into improved standardized test scores. American Journal of Education, 113, 451-478. Dutwin, D. (2003). The character of deliberation: Equality, argument, and the formation of 27

Authors: McDevitt, Mike. and Butler, Mary.
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Information Leaders
about politics, I try to figure out what is REALLY going on.” Respondents used the none/a great 
deal scale for the final item: “How much attention do you pay to news about politics from 
media?” (alpha = .78). 
Trust. A summed, two-item index measured interpersonal trust. Most people “will try to 
take advantage of you if they get the chance” and “only look out for themselves.” We reversed 
values for the strongly disagree/strongly agree scale (alpha = .75). 
Civic efficacy. “I believe I can make a difference in my community” (same response 
- - - Appendix Table 1 here - - -
Austin, E. W., & Nelson, C. L. (1993). Influences of ethnicity, family communication, and media 
on adolescents’ socialization to U.S. politics. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic  
Media37(4), 419-435. 
Berk, M. L., Schur, C. L., Chavez, L. R., & Frankel, M. (2000). Health care use among 
undocumented Latino immigrants. Health Affairs19(4), 51-64,
Dorner, L. M., Orellana, M. F., & Jiménez, R. (2008). “It’s one of those things that you do to 
help the family”: Language brokering and the development of immigrant adolescents. 
Journal of Adolescent Research23(5), 515-543.
Dorner, L. M., Orellana, M. F., Li-Grining, C. P. (2007). “I helped my Mom,” and it helped me: 
Translating the skills of language brokers into improved standardized test scores. 
American Journal of Education113, 451-478.
Dutwin, D. (2003). The character of deliberation: Equality, argument, and the formation of 

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