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Latino Youth as Information Leaders: Implications for Family Interaction and Civic Engagement in Immigrant Communities
Unformatted Document Text:  Information Leaders Lazarsfeld, P., Berelson, B., & Gaudet, H. (1948). The people’s choice. New York: Columbia University Press. Livingston, G. (2010). The Latino digital divide: The native born versus the foreign born. Pew Hispanic Center. Retrieved March 1, 2011 from McDevitt, M., & Caton-Rosser, M. (2009). Deliberative barbarians: Reconciling the civic and the agonistic in democratic education. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies, 5(2). Retrieved March 1, 2011 from McDevitt, M., & Chaffee, S. H. (1998). Second chance political socialization: "Trickle-up" effects of children on parents. In T. J. Johnson, C. E. Hays, & S. P. Hays (Eds.), Engaging the public: How government and the media can reinvigorate American democracy (pp. 57-66). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. McDevitt, M., & Kiousis, S. (2006a). Deliberative learning: An evaluative approach to interactive civic education. Communication Education, 55(3), 247-264. McDevitt, M., & Kiousis, S (2006b). Experiments in political socialization: Kids Voting USA as a model for civic education reform. Working Paper #49. The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE). Retrieved December 18, 2010 from McDevitt, M., & Ostrowski, A. (2009). The adolescent unbound: Unintentional influence of civic curricula on ideological conflict seeking. Political Communication, 26(1), 11-29. National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education (2008-2009). Retrieved March 1, 2011 from 29

Authors: McDevitt, Mike. and Butler, Mary.
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Information Leaders
Lazarsfeld, P., Berelson, B., & Gaudet, H. (1948). The people’s choice. New York: Columbia 
University Press.
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Pew Hispanic Center. Retrieved March 1, 2011 from
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the agonistic in democratic education. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and 
Information Studies5(2). Retrieved March 1, 2011 from
McDevitt, M., & Chaffee, S. H. (1998). Second chance political socialization: "Trickle-up" 
effects of children on parents. In T. J. Johnson, C. E. Hays, & S. P. Hays (Eds.), 
Engaging the public: How government and the media can reinvigorate American 
democracy (pp. 57-66). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
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interactive civic education. Communication Education, 55(3), 247-264.
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as a model for civic education reform. Working Paper #49. The Center for Information 
and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE). Retrieved December 18, 
2010 from
McDevitt, M., & Ostrowski, A. (2009). The adolescent unbound: Unintentional influence of 
civic curricula on ideological conflict seeking. Political Communication26(1), 11-29.
National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education (2008-2009). Retrieved 
March 1, 2011 from

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