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Game Over? Male and female sportswriters’ attitudes toward their jobs and plans to leave journalism
Unformatted Document Text:  Game Over? 13 good about my future in this profession.” Career plans were measured with two items: One was a closed-ended question regarding the length of time they plan to remain in sports journalism, and the second was an open-ended question asking them to elaborate on their response. These were based on Hardin and Shain’s 2005 survey. Results Of the 1,010 sports department staffers contacted, e-mails for 41 consistently bounced back. Therefore, it is assumed that the survey reached 969 potential respondents. Overall, 200 responses were collected, a response rate of 20.6%. Of those, 193 respondents completed the majority of the survey. Data for the other seven respondents are included in the descriptive data if they answered a question, but for the most part, these seven are dropped from the relational analyses below. Demographics of the sample Of the 181 respondents who gave their gender, 80.1% (n = 145) were male and 19.9% (n = 36) were female. Of the 185 respondents who gave their ethnicity, 82% identified as white, 8% as African-American, 7% as Hispanic or Latino, 2% as Asian- American, and 1% as native Hawaiian. For their personal life, 70.8% (n = 133) of the 188 respondents who listed marital status were married, 22.3% (n = 42) were single, and 6.9% (n = 13) were divorced. On average, respondents reporting having 1.28 children (sd = 1.30), with the largest group (44.3%) having one or two children; 40% had no children. Of the 176 respondents who gave a salary range, 34.5% (n = 61) said they made between $50,001 and $70,000 a year. Only 2.9% (n = 5) said they made less than $30,000 a year, and another 14.2% (n = 25) made more than $100,001. Of the 188 respondents who gave their education level, 77.1% (n = 145) had an

Authors: Jones, Jessie. and Greer, Jennifer.
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Game Over? 13
good about my future in this profession.” Career plans were measured with two items: 
One was a closed-ended question regarding the length of time they plan to remain in 
sports journalism, and the second was an open-ended question asking them to elaborate 
on their response. These were based on Hardin and Shain’s 2005 survey.
Of the 1,010 sports department staffers contacted, e-mails for 41 consistently 
bounced back. Therefore, it is assumed that the survey reached 969 potential respondents. 
Overall, 200 responses were collected, a response rate of 20.6%. Of those, 193 
respondents completed the majority of the survey. Data for the other seven respondents 
are included in the descriptive data if they answered a question, but for the most part, 
these seven are dropped from the relational analyses below.
Demographics of the sample
Of the 181 respondents who gave their gender, 80.1% (n = 145) were male and 
19.9% (n = 36) were female. Of the 185 respondents who gave their ethnicity, 82% 
identified as white, 8% as African-American, 7% as Hispanic or Latino, 2% as Asian-
American, and 1% as native Hawaiian. For their personal life, 70.8% (n = 133) of the 188 
respondents who listed marital status were married, 22.3% (n = 42) were single, and 6.9% 
(n = 13) were divorced. On average, respondents reporting having 1.28 children (sd = 
1.30), with the largest group (44.3%) having one or two children; 40% had no children. 
Of the 176 respondents who gave a salary range, 34.5% (n = 61) said they made 
between $50,001 and $70,000 a year. Only 2.9% (n = 5) said they made less than $30,000 
a year, and another 14.2% (n = 25) made more than $100,001.
Of the 188 respondents who gave their education level, 77.1% (n = 145) had an 

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