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Flying Dragon Seeking Freedom of Information: A Critique of Chinese OGI Regulations
Unformatted Document Text:  ruled on October 7, 2008 in favor of Jianguo Xu. The court held the information was improperly withheld by the transportation bureau and the court ordered it to be released and the defendant to pay for the litigation costs. 79 Sixty-eight villagers in Zhejiang Province had even better luck. Their requests were granted and they did not need to go to court. The villagers were angered because the local government expropriated some village land for government use but failed to compensate. They filed an OGI request on May 26, 2008 with the Yuyao municipal government, asking it to disclose information about the land expropriation approval. The Yuyao government responded by calling the group representative, requiring them to provide additional identification and telling them to turn to the local land resources bureau for the relevant information. 80 Disappointed with the run-around and the lack of written response from the Yuyao government, the villagers made an administrative appeal on July 4, 2008 to the higher level Ningbo municipal government. The Ningbo government made a decision on October 6, 2008, ordering the Yuyao government to disclose the information requested according to the OGI Regulations. The lower level Yuyao 79 Chaoxin Zhu, 《信息公开案政府首败诉 律师诉交通局不作为胜诉》 [First Case of Government Losing OGI Lawsuit; Lawyer Defeats Transportation Bureau for nonfeasance], The Beijing News, October 10, 2008. < > .(last visited 03/31/2011). 80 Junxiu Wang, 《浙江余姚 68 名村民信息公开案告赢市政府》 [68 Villagers of Yu Yao, Zhejiang Force Municipal Government to Reconsider OGI Case Decision], China Youth Daily, October 10, 2008. < > .(last visited 03/31/2011).

Authors: Tang, Yong. and Martin, Halstuk.
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ruled on October 7, 2008 in favor of Jianguo Xu. The court held the information 
was improperly withheld by the transportation bureau and the court ordered it to 
be released and the defendant to pay for the litigation costs.
Sixty-eight villagers in Zhejiang Province had even better luck. Their 
requests were granted and they did not need to go to court. The villagers were 
angered because the local government expropriated some village land for 
government use but failed to compensate. They filed an OGI request on May 26, 
2008 with the Yuyao municipal government, asking it to disclose information 
about the land expropriation approval. The Yuyao government responded by 
calling the group representative, requiring them to provide additional identification 
and telling them to turn to the local land resources bureau for the relevant 
Disappointed with the run-around and the lack of written response from the 
Yuyao government, the villagers made an administrative appeal on July 4, 2008 
to the higher level Ningbo municipal government. The Ningbo government made 
a decision on October 6, 2008, ordering the Yuyao government to disclose the 
information requested according to the OGI Regulations. The lower level Yuyao 
 Chaoxin Zhu,
 [First Case 
of Government Losing OGI Lawsuit; Lawyer Defeats Transportation Bureau for 
nonfeasance], The Beijing News, October 10, 2008. 
.(last visited 
 Junxiu Wang, 
[68 Villagers of Yu 
Yao, Zhejiang Force Municipal Government to Reconsider OGI Case Decision], 
China Youth Daily, October 10, 2008. 
.(last visited 

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