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Flying Dragon Seeking Freedom of Information: A Critique of Chinese OGI Regulations
Unformatted Document Text:  was the 57th OGI request filed with the Ministry of Environmental Protection since the OGI Regulations became effective. 8 For China, the passage to a more open government, freedom of information and freedom of expression has not been smooth, direct or swift. On one hand, Chinese leaders send strong messages to the West that China will have greater respect for freedom of expression and other universally-accepted democratic values. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao recently told CNN that his nation will embark on a political reform campaign. 9 On the other hand, Chinese authorities China_Adopts_JPH-English.pdf >.(last visited 03/31/2011). For the full text of the OGI Regulations in Chinese, see < 04/24/content_592937.htm >. (last visited 03/31/2011). Unfortunately so far no official English version of the OGI Regulations has been issued by Chinese government. The authors of this paper contacted some legal scholars in China who are quite familiar with OGI Regulations. They all said they have never seen an English translation of the national OGI Regulations by the Chinese government. This is quite rare since all laws and regulations in China will soon be translated into English and published by the Chinese government. The English version this paper is citing was translated by the China Law Center at Yale University Law School. For the full text of the English version by Yale, see < Eng_Final_051607.pdf >.(last visited 03/31/2011). Peking University Law School also translated the law into English. See < >. (last visited 03/31/2011). 8 Yongtong Su, Exclusive: Zhangzhou PX Environmental Impact Assessment Approval Document [ 苏永通:《独家披露:漳州 PX 环评批复书》 ], S OUTH C HINA W EEKEND N EWS [ 南方周末 ], February 22, 2009. < >. (last visited 03/31/2011). 9 During two recent interviews with CNN ’s Fareed Zakaria, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao indicated a strong desire to embark on political reform. The most recent interview was aired on October 3, 2010. For the complete transcript of the interview, see < >. (last visited 03/31/2011). The first interview was aired on September 28, 2008. For the complete transcript of the interview, see

Authors: Tang, Yong. and Martin, Halstuk.
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was the 57th OGI request filed with the Ministry of Environmental Protection 
since the OGI Regulations became effective.
     For China, the passage to a more open government, freedom of information 
and freedom of expression has not been smooth, direct or swift. On one hand, 
Chinese leaders send strong messages to the West that China will have greater 
respect for freedom of expression and other universally-accepted democratic 
values. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao recently told CNN that his nation will 
embark on a political reform campaign.
 On the other hand, Chinese authorities 
>.(last visited 03/31/2011). For the full text of the 
OGI Regulations in Chinese, see <
>. (last visited 03/31/2011). Unfortunately so far no 
official English version of the OGI Regulations has been issued by Chinese 
government. The authors of this paper contacted some legal scholars in China 
who are quite familiar with OGI Regulations. They all said they have never seen 
an English translation of the national OGI Regulations by the Chinese 
government. This is quite rare since all laws and regulations in China will soon be 
translated into English and published by the Chinese government. The English 
version this paper is citing was translated by the China Law Center at Yale 
University Law School. For the full text of the English version by Yale, see 
>.(last visited 03/31/2011). Peking University Law School 
also translated the law into English. See 
>. (last 
visited 03/31/2011). 
 Yongtong Su, Exclusive: Zhangzhou PX Environmental Impact Assessment 
Approval Document [
], S
], February 22, 2009. 
>. (last visited 03/31/2011). 
 During two recent interviews with CNN
Fareed Zakaria, Chinese Premier Wen 
Jiabao indicated a strong desire to embark on political reform. The most recent 
interview was aired on October 3, 2010. For the complete transcript of the 
interview, see 
>. (last visited 
03/31/2011). The first interview was aired on September 28, 2008. For the 
complete transcript of the interview, see 

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