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Flying Dragon Seeking Freedom of Information: A Critique of Chinese OGI Regulations
Unformatted Document Text:  received international media attention because of such widespread public sympathy given to Jia Yang. Jinsong made several OGI requests in October 2008 respectively with Taiyuan Railway Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Zhabei District People’s Government, Shanghai Public Security Department and Shanghai Zhabei District Public Security Bureau, requiring those government bodies to release relevant information on the case of Jia Yang. 85 All four government agencies responded, but they declined to release the requested information on the grounds that the information ―did not fall into the categories of government information stipulated by The Chinese OGI Regulations .‖ 86 Jinsong Hao suffered another setback one year later in a controversial entrapment law enforcement scandal in Shanghai. In Shanghai, the traffic regulation authorities were found in 2009 to entrap drivers into illegal operations. The traffic law enforcement often hired people to stop cars in the middle of the road and asked for a ride for emergency reasons. A driver was entrapped when the agent got in the car and left some cash as fares even if the driver did not 85 《知名律师郝劲松申请杨佳案信息公开》 [Famous Lawyer Jinsong Hao Requests Information Disclosure On the Jia Yang Case], 正义网 [JCRB.Com], October 20, 2008, < >. (last visited 03/31/2011). 86 Zhuwang Jiao, 《上海警方对郝劲松就杨佳案申请信息公开进行答复》 [Shanghai Police Authority Responds to Jinsong Hao who Requested Information Disclosure on the Jia Yang Case], 华商网 [HSW.CN], November 13, 2008, < > .(last visited 03/31/2011).

Authors: Tang, Yong. and Martin, Halstuk.
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received international media attention because of such widespread public 
sympathy given to Jia Yang. 
Jinsong made several OGI requests in October 2008 respectively with 
Taiyuan Railway Public Security Bureau, Shanghai Zhabei District People’s 
Government, Shanghai Public Security Department and Shanghai Zhabei District 
Public Security Bureau, requiring those government bodies to release relevant 
information on the case of Jia Yang.
 All four government agencies responded, 
but they declined to release the requested information on the grounds that the 
information ―did not fall into
 the categories of government information stipulated 
by The Chinese OGI Regulations
Jinsong Hao suffered another setback one year later in a controversial 
entrapment law enforcement scandal in Shanghai. In Shanghai, the traffic 
regulation authorities were found in 2009 to entrap drivers into illegal operations. 
The traffic law enforcement often hired people to stop cars in the middle of the 
road and asked for a ride for emergency reasons. A driver was entrapped when 
the agent got in the car and left some cash as fares even if the driver did not 
 [Famous Lawyer Jinsong Hao 
Requests Information Disclosure On the Jia Yang Case], 
October 20, 2008, <
(last visited 03/31/2011). 
 Zhuwang Jiao, 
[Shanghai Police Authority Responds to Jinsong Hao who Requested Information 
Disclosure on the Jia Yang Case], 
[HSW.CN], November 13, 2008, 
.(last visited 

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