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Flying Dragon Seeking Freedom of Information: A Critique of Chinese OGI Regulations
Unformatted Document Text:  received. 90 On March 19, 2010, Fangping filed an OGI request with the Shanxi Provincial Health Department for information concerning the immunization scandal. The lawyer required the agency to disclose the following information: whether the Department was aware that the vaccines had been exposed to high temperature, which is harmful to vaccines; how vaccines in Shanxi are approved by the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who were members of the investigation team; what were the procedures of the probe. 91 Fangping Li continues to wait for a response. Law professors at Xiangtan University in Hunan Province suffered the same setback in their information-seeking endeavors. Six law professors from this university filed an OGI request with Xiangtan City Government and Xiangtan Transportation Bureau, requiring the government to disclose information on how four bridges in the city were built, and how toll fees for these bridges are collected and used. The request was made on May 4, 2008, just three days after the Chinese OGI Regulations became a law. 92 90 Keqing Wang, 《山西近百名儿童疑因注射问题疫苗致死致残》 [Nearly One Hundred Children Died or Paralyzed As a Result of Allegedly Tainted Vaccination in Shanxi Province], China Economic Times, March 17, 2010. < > .(last visited 03/31/2011). 91 Junxiu Wang, 《律师向山西递交申请 要求公开问题疫苗信息》 [A Lawyer Requested Shanxi Provincial Government to Release Information Concerning Vaccine Problems], China Youth Daily, March 20, 2010. < > .(last visited 03/31/2011). 92 Wenjie Liu, 《湖南湘潭大学五博士状告政府 要求公开收费信息》 [Five Professors with PhD Degree in Law from Hunan’s Xiangtan University Sue the Government Requesting Information about Administrative Fees], Xinhua News

Authors: Tang, Yong. and Martin, Halstuk.
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 On March 19, 2010, Fangping filed an OGI request with the Shanxi 
Provincial Health Department for information concerning the immunization 
scandal. The lawyer required the agency to disclose the following information: 
whether the Department was aware that the vaccines had been exposed to high 
temperature, which is harmful to vaccines; how vaccines in Shanxi are approved 
by the Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who were 
members of the investigation team; what were the procedures of the probe. 
Fangping Li continues to wait for a response. 
Law professors at Xiangtan University in Hunan Province suffered the same 
setback in their information-seeking endeavors. Six law professors from this 
university filed an OGI request with Xiangtan City Government and Xiangtan 
Transportation Bureau, requiring the government to disclose information on how 
four bridges in the city were built, and how toll fees for these bridges are 
collected and used. The request was made on May 4, 2008, just three days after 
the Chinese OGI Regulations became a law. 
 Keqing Wang, 
[Nearly One 
Hundred Children Died or Paralyzed As a Result of Allegedly Tainted Vaccination 
in Shanxi Province], China Economic Times, March 17, 2010. 
.(last visited 
 Junxiu Wang, 
[A Lawyer 
Requested Shanxi Provincial Government to Release Information Concerning 
Vaccine Problems], China Youth Daily, March 20, 2010. 
.(last visited 
 Wenjie Liu,
Professors with PhD Degree in Law from Hunan’s Xiangtan University Sue the 
Government Requesting Information about Administrative Fees], Xinhua News 

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