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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression get news and professional information than female. To analyze what kind of celebrities people prefer to follow, I conducted the choices of politicians, economists, entertainment stars, professors, journalists, writers and other celebrities. The most popular answer (39.8%) was entertainment stars, followed by economists, politicians and journalists. This finding conforms with the history of microblogging in China, as entertainment stars were the first celebrities to capitalize on the publicity made available by the microblogging community. From the perspectives of politicians and journalists, microbloggers are a big news audience, as getting news information was one of the main reasons that netizens chose to microblog. We can therefore infer that microblogging will play an increasingly important role in sharing and disseminating information about politics and current events, and therefore can affect the relationship between governments and citizens. In my study I found that politicians and journalists posted more professional comments and facts, taking on their microblog identity as a professional identity instead of recording daily lives and errands. While all the celebrities can get a “V” symbol when they use their real names and are verified by microblog, they use this microblog professionalism to show their identity, credibility, and authenticity. A New Way of Continuous Exposure In the history of the microblog, there are some landmark events which can show the power of voice changing attitude and behavior of citizens. Microblog has many shortcuts that change the way we use language and ## email not listed ##@, in combination with a person‟s username, can inform the person with that post. Forward is another sort of comment which can let people who are following you see both the original information and your comments.

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
get news and professional information than female. 
To  analyze  what  kind  of  celebrities  people  prefer  to  follow,  I  conducted  the 
choices of politicians, economists, entertainment stars, professors, journalists, writers 
and  other  celebrities.  The  most  popular  answer  (39.8%)  was  entertainment  stars, 
followed  by  economists,  politicians  and  journalists.  This  finding  conforms  with  the 
history of microblogging in China, as entertainment stars were the first celebrities to 
capitalize on the publicity made available by the microblogging community. 
From  the  perspectives  of  politicians  and  journalists,  microbloggers  are  a  big 
news audience, as getting news information was one of the main reasons that netizens 
chose  to  microblog.  We  can  therefore  infer  that  microblogging  will  play  an 
increasingly  important  role  in  sharing  and  disseminating  information  about  politics 
and current events, and therefore can affect the relationship between governments and 
citizens. In my study I found that politicians and journalists posted more professional 
comments  and  facts,  taking  on  their  microblog  identity  as  a  professional  identity 
instead  of  recording  daily  lives  and  errands.  While  all  the  celebrities  can  get  a  “V” 
symbol  when  they  use  their  real  names  and  are  verified  by  microblog,  they  use  this 
microblog professionalism to show their identity, credibility, and authenticity. 
A New Way of Continuous Exposure 
In the history of the microblog, there are some landmark events which can show 
the power of voice changing attitude and behavior of citizens.   
Microblog  has  many  shortcuts  that  change  the  way  we  use  language  and 
## email not listed ##@, in combination with a person‟s 
username, can inform the person with that post. Forward is another sort of comment 
which  can  let  people  who  are  following  you  see  both  the  original  information  and 
your comments.   

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