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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression out there is a similar-looking child begging in Xiamen, and attached a photo as well. This post brought hope to the desperate mother, and eventually it helped her find the child. As more netizens began to ask Yu for help to look for their missing children, Yu was inspired to initiate a campaign called “Saving begging children on your way by taking photos”. Yu opened an official microblog under this title on January 25 th 2011. A group of five people continue to manage it, and they continue to recruit more volunteers to help them continue their mission. They seek clues about missing children by searching through photos of begging children taken by netizens and posted on the microblog. The official microblog was recommended by the Sina microblog homepage, and the posts of the missing children were then forwarded by other opinion leaders. This microblog shows how microblogging can change the way we interact with the real world, not only as netizens in the world wide web, but also in our daily lives. The microblog has more than 230,000 followers and 3,000 posts in one month. It has helped some parents find their missing children and also attracted police attention. The police stations have been willing to show their support in finding and rescuing the begging children, and now use the microblog as a tool in these pursuits. While the task of searching for missing children used to be the domain of the police, it has transformed through the microblog‟s power to „crowdsource‟ this role traditionally undertaken by the police and detectives. This example shows how the discussions taking place in microblogging and online communities are permeating into ordinary people‟s lives, and how these online endeavors can work complement government functions. Microblogs such as “Saving Begging Children on Your Way by Taking Photos” can also induce more people to access the internet, learn to master it, and use

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
out there is a similar-looking child begging in Xiamen, and attached a photo as well. 
This post brought hope to the desperate mother, and eventually it helped her find the 
As more netizens began to ask Yu for help to look for their missing children, Yu 
was inspired to initiate a campaign called  “Saving begging children on  your way by 
taking photos”. Yu opened an official microblog under this title on January 25
A  group  of  five  people  continue  to  manage  it,  and  they  continue  to  recruit  more 
volunteers  to  help  them  continue  their  mission.  They  seek  clues  about  missing 
children  by  searching  through  photos  of  begging  children  taken  by  netizens  and 
posted  on  the  microblog.  The  official  microblog  was  recommended  by  the  Sina 
microblog  homepage,  and  the  posts  of  the  missing  children  were  then  forwarded  by 
other opinion leaders.   
This microblog shows how microblogging can change the way we interact with 
the real world, not only as netizens in the world wide web, but also in our daily lives. 
The microblog has more than 230,000 followers and 3,000 posts in one month. It has 
helped  some  parents  find  their  missing  children  and  also  attracted  police  attention. 
The police stations have been willing to show their support in finding and rescuing the 
begging  children,  and  now  use  the  microblog  as  a  tool  in  these  pursuits.  While  the 
task  of  searching  for  missing  children  used  to  be  the  domain  of  the  police,  it  has 
transformed  through  the  microblog‟s  power  to  „crowdsource‟  this  role  traditionally 
undertaken  by  the  police  and  detectives.  This  example  shows  how  the  discussions 
taking  place  in  microblogging  and  online  communities  are  permeating  into  ordinary 
people‟s  lives,  and  how  these  online  endeavors  can  work  complement  government 
functions.  Microblogs  such  as  “Saving  Begging  Children  on  Your  Way  by  Taking 
Photos” can also induce more people to access the internet, learn to master it, and use 

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