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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression these tools in their real lives. This trend is also forcing the Chinese governments to react and follow the microblog community strategy. The Chinese Government’s Reactions Government officials are also beginning to participate in microblogging, and these attempts to reach out to the online community are generally welcomed by netizens. While most people think that that government is quite late to the game, they think it is better that the government caught on late than never. Live microblogging. The Sichuan Provincial CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) Standing Committee Jianchuan Fan updated his micro-blog when sitting in the conference on January 24th, 2010. He used this special way to broadcast Political Consultative Conference live, which was praised for being the first time that the public was allowed to know about the CPPCC session and CPPCC members. Afterwards, live microblogging became a popular public communication strategy for many conferences and television shows, as organizers established official microblogs to release live updates and information. During Two Conferences (NPC & CPPCC), representatives were updating microblogs with their proposals and experiences, which were commented on by citizens. The effect that these contributions made to the outcomes of these conferences may be limited, but it is providing a novel way for citizens to interact with those who were previously behind closed doors. The trend towards more information disclosure, including the citizens within policy discussion, formulation, and implementation, is becoming more evident according to the “Regulations on Disclosure Government Information” published by the State Council. Consequently, microblogging, as an evolving form of new media,

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
these  tools  in  their  real  lives.  This  trend  is  also  forcing  the  Chinese  governments  to 
react and follow the microblog community strategy.   
The Chinese Government’s Reactions 
Government  officials  are  also  beginning  to  participate  in  microblogging,  and 
these  attempts  to  reach  out  to  the  online  community  are  generally  welcomed  by 
netizens. While most people think that that government is quite late to the game, they 
think it is better that the government caught on late than never. 
Live microblogging. The Sichuan Provincial CPPCC (Chinese People's Political 
Consultative Conference) Standing Committee Jianchuan Fan updated his micro-blog 
when sitting in  the  conference  on  January  24th,  2010.  He  used  this  special  way  to 
broadcast Political Consultative Conference live, which was praised for being the first 
time  that  the  public  was  allowed  to  know  about  the  CPPCC  session  and  CPPCC 
Afterwards, live microblogging became a popular public communication strategy 
for  many  conferences  and  television  shows,  as  organizers  established  official 
microblogs to release live updates and information. During Two Conferences (NPC & 
CPPCC),  representatives  were  updating  microblogs  with  their  proposals  and 
experiences,  which  were  commented  on  by  citizens.  The  effect  that  these 
contributions  made  to  the  outcomes  of  these  conferences  may  be  limited,  but  it  is 
providing a novel way for citizens to interact with those who were previously behind 
closed doors. 
The  trend  towards  more  information  disclosure,  including  the  citizens  within 
policy  discussion,  formulation,  and  implementation,  is  becoming  more  evident 
according  to  the  “Regulations  on  Disclosure Government  Information”  published  by 
the State Council. Consequently, microblogging,  as an evolving  form of  new media, 

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