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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression plays an important role in dissemination for individual officials. Top level politicians accessing the microblog community. February 21 st , 2010, a special name appeared in the People's microblog-- President Hu Jintao. When President Hu Jintao visited People's Daily in 2008, he chatted with forum users online, he registered using his real name, and the microblog system generated automatically based on that ID. The introduction of the new blogger said, “The CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman.” This news spread very quickly, and President Hu‟s fans have reached up to 13809 by 10:50 on the 22 nd . As the head of the State, General Secretary Hu Jintao was paying attention to the media, especially new media. But he never posted anything, and it was finally closed in 2011. Another politician, Wu Hao, the vice secretary of Yunnan‟s communication department, serves as a representative of new media government. He updates his microblog every day, and introduces Yunnan province to fans from all over the country. He has fans over 380,000, making his page one of the most popular among officials. A wanted circular through microblog. A “reward wanted to find the corpse”, appeared on the Xiamen Public Security Bureau official microblog on November 23rd, 2010. The post wrote, “a dead girl was rushed to the beach Takasaki, who suffered from abuse during her lifetime and was thrown to the ocean. ¥5,000 reward for any clues”. Subsequently, the post was forwarded a million times, with users providing more than 100 clues, eventually leading up the capture of two suspects. Tianning Police station posted some information of the suspects on its official microblog on November 26 th , and asked netizens to look for the suspect with ¥500

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
plays an important role in dissemination for individual officials.   
Top level politicians accessing the microblog community. February 21
, 2010, a 
special name  appeared  in  the  People's microblog--  President Hu  Jintao.  When 
President Hu Jintao visited People's Daily in 2008, he chatted with forum users online, 
he  registered 
using  his 
and  the microblog system generated 
automatically based on that ID.    The introduction of the new blogger said, “The CPC 
Central Committee General Secretary and State President and CMC Chairman.” This 
news spread very quickly, and President Hu‟s fans have reached up to 13809 by 10:50 
on  the  22
.  As the  head  of the  State, General  Secretary  Hu  Jintao was  paying 
attention to the media, especially new media. But he never posted anything, and it was 
finally closed in 2011. 
Another  politician,  Wu  Hao,  the  vice  secretary  of  Yunnan‟s  communication 
department,  serves  as  a  representative  of  new  media  government.  He  updates  his 
microblog  every  day,  and  introduces  Yunnan  province  to  fans  from  all  over  the 
country. He has fans over 380,000, making his page one of the most popular among 
A  wanted  circular  through  microblog.  A  “reward  wanted  to  find  the  corpse”, 
appeared on the Xiamen Public Security Bureau official microblog on November 23rd, 
2010.  The  post wrote, “a  dead  girl  was  rushed  to  the  beach  Takasaki,  who  suffered 
from  abuse  during  her  lifetime  and  was  thrown  to  the  ocean.  5,000 reward  for 
any clues”. Subsequently, 
the post 
forwarded a million 
users providing  more  than  100  clues,  eventually  leading  up  the  capture  of  two 
Tianning  Police  station  posted  some  information  of  the  suspects  on  its  official 
microblog on November 26
, and asked netizens to look for the suspect with  ¥500 

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