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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression to ¥10,000 reward. As a result, the suspect confessed his crime a week later. However, this microblog wanted post has aroused much opposition, as some people believe that the police need to pay more attention to youth privacy. But online wanted posts are still an extension and expansion of traditional wanted ads that are broadcast by TV and posted in public places. However, it is a new way that reaches wider audiences, is lower in cost, and allows for more effectiveness. This application is a microcosmic look at what the government could use the internet and new media to accomplish its goals. Most people believe that the Chinese government‟s reactions are lagging, despite the efforts of individual officials and departments that trying to participate in the new technical community. However, it is difficult to find the proper balance between the internet demands of citizens and long-standing conceptions of propaganda. This thus results in an imblance in the relationship between citizens and governments; as netizens are getting increasingly better at mastering new techniques in order to express their own public voices, Chinese government departments and officials are avoiding or lagging in answering and responding to the call of the microblog. Conclusion In China, new media has provided a means for citizens to express their opinions and hardships to the rest of the public and to the government. The microblog has become a revolutionary tool, and netizens have mastered it quickly. The microblog, with its characteristic tree-structure information flow, can help ordinary people disseminate and expand their influence, allowing them to crowdsource information, make topics develop into important, „hot‟, newsworthy issues, and exposing them to the power of millions of online voices. In certain circumstances, the power of these online voices can force the government to change the way it normally responds to

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
to  ¥10,000 reward. As a result, the suspect confessed his crime a week later. 
However,  this  microblog wanted  post has  aroused  much  opposition,  as  some 
people  believe  that  the  police  need  to  pay  more  attention  to  youth  privacy.  But 
online wanted posts are still an extension and expansion of traditional wanted ads that 
are  broadcast  by  TV  and  posted  in  public  places.  However,  it  is  a  new  way  that 
reaches  wider  audiences,  is  lower  in  cost,  and  allows  for  more  effectiveness.  This 
application is a microcosmic look at what the government could use the internet and 
new  media  to  accomplish  its  goals.  Most  people  believe  that  the  Chinese 
government‟s  reactions  are  lagging,  despite  the  efforts  of  individual  officials  and 
departments that trying to participate in the new technical community. However, it is 
difficult  to  find  the  proper  balance  between  the  internet  demands  of  citizens  and 
long-standing  conceptions  of  propaganda.  This  thus  results  in  an  imblance  in  the 
relationship  between  citizens  and  governments;  as  netizens  are  getting  increasingly 
better  at  mastering  new  techniques  in  order  to  express  their  own  public  voices, 
Chinese  government  departments  and  officials  are  avoiding  or  lagging  in  answering 
and responding to the call of the microblog. 
In China, new media has provided a means for citizens to express their opinions 
and hardships to the rest of the public and to the government. The microblog has 
become a revolutionary tool, and netizens have mastered it quickly. The microblog, 
with its characteristic tree-structure information flow, can help ordinary people 
disseminate and expand their influence, allowing them to crowdsource information, 
make topics develop into important, „hot‟, newsworthy issues, and exposing them to 
the power of millions of online voices. In certain circumstances, the power of these 
online voices can force the government to change the way it normally responds to 

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