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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression censored the ability of traditional media; they set agenda for public opinions and adjusted policies by experiences. All the subjects were controlled by the government. The only way that people attempted to sway government decisions and policies was through gaining meetings with the authorities by letters, phone calls and visits, requiring high investments of time and energy with mostly unsatisfying results. While governments guided traditional media to report certain news stories, the function of supervision by traditional media to the government was not effective. Traditionally, the government has also taken extremely long times to solve problems and make decisions. As soon as new media came out, the solid boundaries keeping the public separate for the government began to dissolve. The power of government to manage and control public opinion has being weakened. Microblogging provides multiple ways to collect information and disseminate to wide range of people. It gives previously unknown events continuous exposure to the public, gathering the close attention of citizens. People are no longer choosing to meet high authorities through letters, phone calls and visits. New media, especially microblogging, creates ways for citizens to communicate with governments directly and shortens the time for solving problems and adjusting policies. On the other hand, traditional media are looking for sources and topics from microblogs. Browsing microblog becomes the everyday habit of many journalists. And they always follow the hot topics initiated from microblogs, choosing which stories to focus on and do more in-depth coverage. New media has thus become the main tool in this age; It connects with every subject in the chain of citizens to governments; It has changed the attitudes and decision making methods of both citizens and governments. Discussion

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
censored  the  ability  of  traditional  media;  they  set  agenda  for  public  opinions  and 
adjusted policies by experiences. All the subjects were controlled by the government. 
The only way that people attempted to sway government decisions and policies 
was  through  gaining  meetings  with  the  authorities  by  letters,  phone  calls  and  visits, 
requiring high investments of time and energy with mostly unsatisfying results. While 
governments  guided  traditional  media  to  report  certain  news  stories,  the  function  of 
supervision  by  traditional  media  to  the  government  was  not  effective.  Traditionally, 
the  government  has  also  taken  extremely  long  times  to  solve  problems  and  make 
As soon as new media came out, the solid boundaries keeping the public separate 
for  the  government  began  to  dissolve.  The  power  of  government  to  manage  and 
control public opinion has being weakened. Microblogging provides multiple ways to 
collect  information  and  disseminate  to  wide  range  of  people.  It  gives  previously 
unknown  events  continuous  exposure  to  the  public,  gathering  the  close  attention  of 
citizens. People are no longer choosing to meet high authorities through letters, phone 
calls  and  visits.  New  media,  especially  microblogging,  creates  ways  for  citizens  to 
communicate  with  governments  directly  and  shortens  the  time  for  solving  problems 
and  adjusting  policies.  On  the  other  hand,  traditional  media  are  looking  for  sources 
and  topics  from  microblogs.  Browsing  microblog  becomes  the  everyday  habit  of 
many  journalists.  And  they  always  follow  the  hot  topics  initiated  from  microblogs, 
choosing which stories to focus on and do more in-depth coverage. 
New  media  has  thus  become  the  main  tool  in  this  age;  It  connects  with  every 
subject  in  the  chain  of  citizens  to  governments;  It  has  changed  the  attitudes  and 
decision making methods of both citizens and governments.   

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