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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression always satisfying. Additionally, it‟s more complicated and high-cost to prosecute through official channels or look for help from police. Every Chinese person is familiar with the difficulty of communicating with and providing feedback to government operating systems. Additionally, on the supply side, governments cannot collect majorities of people‟s opinions when they make or formulate policies. They usually chose a small group of people to participate the public hearings, and then made adjustments accordingly. As people witnessed the myriad ways that new media can provide opportunities for all people to speak and express one online, many analysts were too optimistic about its potential for rapidly effecting how the government operates. Blogs and forums did disseminate unknown „hot topic‟ information to some people, but the influence and results were limited, and it was neither continuous nor sustainable. Governments made false promises in the realm of new media, but failed to provide any effective practical actions. However, with the emergence of microblogs, not only are people expressing themselves in novel ways and evolving formats, but many have begun to expect change that these modes of expression may eventually alter the relationship between citizens and governments. Literature Review Twitter in the World Scholars are focusing on the function, habits, and social influence of microblogs. They usually take twitter as an example. For the function of microblogs, Amanda Lee Hughes and Leysia Palen(2009) offer a descriptive account of Twitter across four high-profile, mass convergence events – two emergency and two national security. They found Twitter messages sent during these types of events contain mass amounts

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
always  satisfying.  Additionally,  it‟s  more  complicated  and  high-cost  to  prosecute 
through  official  channels  or  look  for  help  from  police.  Every  Chinese  person  is 
familiar  with  the  difficulty  of  communicating  with  and  providing  feedback  to 
government operating systems. Additionally, on the supply side, governments cannot 
collect  majorities  of  people‟s  opinions  when  they  make  or  formulate  policies.  They 
usually  chose  a  small  group  of  people  to  participate  the  public  hearings,  and  then 
made adjustments accordingly. 
As people witnessed the myriad ways that new media can provide opportunities 
for  all  people  to  speak  and  express  one  online,  many  analysts  were  too  optimistic 
about  its  potential  for  rapidly  effecting  how  the  government  operates.  Blogs  and 
forums  did  disseminate  unknown  „hot  topic‟  information  to  some  people,  but  the 
influence  and  results  were  limited,  and  it  was  neither  continuous  nor  sustainable. 
Governments  made  false  promises  in  the  realm  of  new  media,  but  failed  to  provide 
any effective practical actions. 
However,  with  the  emergence  of  microblogs,  not  only  are  people  expressing 
themselves  in  novel  ways  and  evolving  formats,  but  many  have  begun  to  expect 
change that these modes of expression may eventually alter the relationship between 
citizens and governments.   
Literature Review 
Twitter in the World 
Scholars are focusing on the function, habits, and social influence of microblogs. 
They usually take twitter as an example. For the function of microblogs, Amanda Lee 
Hughes  and  Leysia  Palen(2009)  offer  a  descriptive  account  of  Twitter  across  four 
high-profile,  mass  convergence  events  –  two  emergency  and  two  national  security. 
They found Twitter messages sent during these types of events contain mass amounts 

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