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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression influence of microblogging, Weili Yu (2010) proposed a network for igniting a political conversation, and described the advantages of microblogging dialogue. In general, scholars are expecting that microblog will open up many new conversations in China, and they are focusing on its new and multiple ways of disseminating information as compared to traditional media and other existing social medium. However, few Chinese researches are concerned about information flows among people, media and governments. The research I am working on is going to examine users‟ attitudes and behavior, as well as the relationships between related subjects, peoples, and institutions in China. Research Question This study aims to explore the relationship between netizens, microblogs, and governments. The research purpose of this paper is to find out how Chinese microblog community is changing people‟s attitude and behaviors towards difficulties, and how the government is reacting to the power of the citizen conversations that are being enabled by new media. Thereby, I formulate my research question as: How does the advent and proliferation of the microblog change the relationship between citizens and government? Although not all the citizens access internet, especially the poor, microblogs are opening up new opportunities for the stories of the disadvantaged to be heard. As ordinary people and journalists post and forward previously untold stories on the microblogs, they give exposure to causes that may not have received any attention on television or in newspapers.. Therefore, during my research process, I therefore hope to not only look at the relationship between netizens (people online) and the government, but also how the roles and relationships of those who are not active in the microblogging community are changing alongside this phenomenon.

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
influence  of  microblogging,  Weili  Yu  (2010)  proposed  a  network  for  igniting  a 
political conversation, and described the advantages of microblogging dialogue. 
In  general,  scholars  are  expecting  that  microblog  will  open  up  many  new 
conversations  in  China,  and  they  are  focusing  on  its  new  and  multiple  ways  of 
disseminating information as compared to traditional media and other existing social 
medium.  However,  few  Chinese  researches  are  concerned  about  information  flows 
among  people,  media  and  governments.  The  research  I  am  working  on  is  going  to 
examine  users‟  attitudes  and  behavior,  as  well  as  the  relationships  between  related 
subjects, peoples, and institutions in China. 
Research Question 
This study aims to explore the relationship between netizens, microblogs, and 
governments. The research purpose of this paper is to find out how Chinese microblog 
community is changing people‟s attitude and behaviors towards difficulties, and how 
the government is reacting to the power of the citizen conversations that are being 
enabled by new media. Thereby, I formulate my research question as: 
How  does  the  advent  and  proliferation  of  the  microblog  change  the 
relationship between citizens and government? 
Although not all the citizens access internet, especially the poor, microblogs are 
opening up new opportunities for the stories of the disadvantaged to be heard. As 
ordinary people and journalists post and forward previously untold stories on the 
microblogs, they give exposure to causes that may not have received any attention on 
television or in newspapers.. Therefore, during my research process, I therefore hope 
to not only look at the relationship between netizens (people online) and the 
government, but also how the roles and relationships of those who are not active in 
the microblogging community are changing alongside this phenomenon. 

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