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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression
Unformatted Document Text:  The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression To answer this very broad question, we have to deal with following specific research inquiries: how do people use microblogs as an information tool? What kind of changes are occurring in the communicating and disseminating procedure as compared to the past? What are the governments‟ reactions to those changes? Methodology The methodology I use to explore the relationship between microblogs, citizens, and governments is a combination between quantitative and qualitative research methods. I first proposed a survey to explore microblog user habits, and then I designed a case study to demonstrate how the Chinese government has been forced to solve many problems through the microblog medium. All the data has been collected from Sina microblog, as it is the first and most popular microblog in China. The research report by China International Capital Corporation shows that Sina microblog has gained 86.6% market share on browsing time basis. Findings Using Habits of Microbloggers The basic question „What does the microblog mean to a netizen‟ is the foundation of my research. Therefore, I conducted a survey to explore the using habits of microbloggers. I sent 600 questionnaires to microbloggers at random through private messages to ask following questions. 1. How often do you log in microblog? 2. What kind of information do you get most from microblog? (Max 3 choices) 3. What kind of people do you follow most? Among 495 answers that I received, 78.5% users log in microblog every day, which shows the majority users are very active. In the sample, 281 users are female

Authors: Xu, Linjia.
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The Power of Social Network in China: How Does Microblog Influence the Way of Expression 
To answer this very broad question, we have to deal with following specific 
research inquiries: how do people use microblogs as an information tool? What kind 
of changes are occurring in the communicating and disseminating procedure as 
compared to the past? What are the governments‟ reactions to those changes? 
The methodology I use to explore the relationship between microblogs, citizens, 
and  governments  is  a  combination  between  quantitative  and  qualitative  research 
methods.  I  first  proposed  a  survey  to  explore  microblog  user  habits,    and  then  I 
designed a case study to demonstrate how the Chinese government has been forced to 
solve many problems through the microblog medium.   
All  the  data  has  been  collected  from  Sina  microblog,  as  it  is  the  first  and  most 
popular  microblog  in  China.  The  research  report  by  China  International  Capital 
Corporation shows that Sina microblog has gained 86.6% market  share  on browsing 
time basis. 
Using Habits of Microbloggers 
The  basic  question  „What  does  the  microblog  mean  to  a  netizen‟  is  the 
foundation of my research. Therefore, I conducted a survey to explore the using habits 
of  microbloggers.  I  sent  600  questionnaires  to  microbloggers  at  random  through 
private messages to ask following questions.   
1. How often do you log in microblog? 
2. What kind of information do you get most from microblog? (Max 3 choices) 
3. What kind of people do you follow most? 
Among  495  answers  that  I  received,  78.5%  users  log  in  microblog  every  day, 
which shows the majority  users  are very  active.  In the sample, 281 users are female 

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