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2D or 3D? The Effects on Viewers’ Sense of Presence and Enjoyment
Unformatted Document Text:  The Effects on Viewers’ Sense of Presence and Enjoyment 17 Computer Mediated Communication, 3(2). Lombard, M., & Ditton, T. (2004, October). A literature-based presence measurement instrument: The Temple Presence Inventory (TPI) (BETA). Paper presented at the 7th International Workshop on Presence (PRESENCE2004), Valencia, Spain. Lombard, M., Ditton, T.B., & Weinstein, L. (2009, November). Measuring presence: The Temple Presence Inventory. Paper presented at the 12th Annual International Workshop on Presence. Los Angeles, CA. Retrieved from Lombard, M., & Jones, M. T. (2006, August). Defining presence: A framework. Paper presented at the 9th International Workshop on Presence (PRESENCE 2006). Cleveland, OH. Lombard, M., Reich, R. D., Grabe, M. E., Bracken, C. C., & Ditton, T. B. (2000). Presence and television: The role of screen size. Human Communication Research, 26, 75-98. Meehan, M., Insko, B., Whitton, M., & Brooks, F. P. (2002). Physiological measures of presence in virtual environments. Paper presented at the SIGGRAPH 2002, San Antonio, USA. Meehan, M., Razzaque, S., Whitton, M., & Brooks, F. P. (2003, March). Effect of Latency on Presence in Stressful Virtual Environments. Paper presented at the IEEE Virtual Reality 2003 Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Reeves, B. (1991).“Being there”: Television as symbolic versus natural experience. Unpublished manuscript, Institute for Communication Research, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Rey, B., Alcañiz, M., Tembl, J., & Parkhutik, V. (2008, October). Brain activity and presence: a preliminary study in different immersive conditions using Transcranial Doppler Monitoring. Paper presented at the 11th International Workshop on Presence, Padova, Italy.

Authors: Zhang, Cui., Zhou, Shuhua. and Meadows, Charles.
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The Effects on Viewers’ Sense of Presence and Enjoyment
Computer Mediated Communication, 3(2).
Lombard, M., & Ditton, T. (2004, October). A literature-based presence measurement 
instrument: The Temple Presence Inventory (TPI) (BETA). Paper presented at the 7th 
International Workshop on Presence (PRESENCE2004), Valencia, Spain.
Lombard, M., Ditton, T.B., & Weinstein, L. (2009, November). Measuring presence: The 
Temple Presence Inventory. Paper presented at the 12th Annual International Workshop on 
Presence. Los Angeles, CA. Retrieved from 
Lombard, M., & Jones, M. T. (2006, August). Defining presence: A framework. Paper presented 
at the 9th International Workshop on Presence (PRESENCE 2006). Cleveland, OH.
Lombard, M., Reich, R. D., Grabe, M. E., Bracken, C. C., & Ditton, T. B. (2000). Presence and 
television: The role of screen size. Human Communication Research, 26, 75-98.
Meehan, M., Insko, B., Whitton, M., & Brooks, F. P. (2002). Physiological measures of 
presence in virtual environments. Paper presented at the SIGGRAPH 2002, San Antonio, 
Meehan, M., Razzaque, S., Whitton, M., & Brooks, F. P. (2003, March). Effect of Latency on 
Presence in Stressful Virtual Environments. Paper presented at the IEEE Virtual Reality 
2003 Conference, Los Angeles, CA.
Reeves, B. (1991).“Being there”: Television as symbolic versus natural experience. Unpublished 
manuscript, Institute for Communication Research, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
Rey, B., Alcañiz, M., Tembl, J., & Parkhutik, V. (2008, October). Brain activity and presence: a 
preliminary study in different immersive conditions using Transcranial Doppler 
Monitoring. Paper presented at the 11th International Workshop on Presence, Padova, 

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