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Does competition make a difference? An examination of the impact of the Apple Daily on three major newspapers in Taiwan
Unformatted Document Text:  DOES COMPETITION MAKE A DIFFERENCE?   22 unique styles other than being copycats. The United Daily and China Times should carry forward their hard news style. Their positioning used to be traditional in the consumers’ mind and would never easy to change. Even if they tried to imitate the Apply Daily to some extends—layout, photos and contents for example, their standpoints remain the most conservative among all major newspapers in Taiwan. They never gained their success for being provocative or tabloid. Readers who are in favor of sensational stories are less likely to turn to them. Therefore, readjusting themselves as the authoritative and serious news sources can be their key to success. In addition, the United Daily and China Times should target readers who are different from the Apple Daily’s. That is, business or political elites and those who aspire to be in this group in the near future. In other words, highly-educated and intellectual readers. They have a higher social-economic status, and they are more likely to be interested in financial/economical, political and international news. This reader group deserves more in professional areas and less in the gossip or scandals of celebrities while reading newspapers. Moreover, elite groups have a higher income level, they are willing and able to pay more for products and service to build and sustain their social identities. This is not exempted from their needs in reading business. If the United Daily and China Times can successfully position themselves as the most critical information sources for the elite society, they will find no reason to worry about their advertising profits for years to come. The ideal position for Liberty Times is expertizing in the political coverage and keeping its alternative standpoints. Taiwan is a democratic society that media can diversify in political views. The free market of viewpoints for different interest groups are appreciated and anticipated. Therefore, the Liberty Times can have its growth by expanding and deepening this section. Its typical political stand – anti-government and pro-independence—can better serve its readership accordingly by precise targeting. If Liberty Times can succeed in providing quality journalism, it is also expectable that Liberty Times can win readers who are interested in politics. To distinguish itself from the other competitors, it should voice its stand of pro-independence louder and clearer. Nonetheless, it is less likely for Liberty Times to lure the

Authors: Song, Chien-Yun. and Tu, Jia-Wei.
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unique styles other than being copycats.  
The United Daily and China Times should carry forward their hard news style. Their positioning 
used to be traditional in the consumers’ mind and would never easy to change. Even if they tried to 
imitate the Apply Daily to some extends—layout, photos and contents for example, their standpoints 
remain the most conservative among all major newspapers in Taiwan. They never gained their success for 
being provocative or tabloid. Readers who are in favor of sensational stories are less likely to turn to them. 
Therefore, readjusting themselves as the authoritative and serious news sources can be their key to 
In addition, the United Daily and China Times should target readers who are different from the 
Apple Daily’s. That is, business or political elites and those who aspire to be in this group in the near 
future. In other words, highly-educated and intellectual readers. They have a higher social-economic 
status, and they are more likely to be interested in financial/economical, political and international news. 
This reader group deserves more in professional areas and less in the gossip or scandals of celebrities 
while reading newspapers.  
Moreover, elite groups have a higher income level, they are willing and able to pay more for 
products and service to build and sustain their social identities. This is not exempted from their needs in 
reading business. If the United Daily and China Times can successfully position themselves as the most 
critical information sources for the elite society, they will find no reason to worry about their advertising 
profits for years to come. 
The ideal position for Liberty Times is expertizing in the political coverage and keeping its 
alternative standpoints. Taiwan is a democratic society that media can diversify in political views. The 
free market of viewpoints for different interest groups are appreciated and anticipated. Therefore, the 
Liberty Times can have its growth by expanding and deepening this section. Its typical political stand – 
anti-government and pro-independence—can better serve its readership accordingly by precise targeting. 
If Liberty Times can succeed in providing quality journalism, it is also expectable that Liberty Times can 
win readers who are interested in politics. To distinguish itself from the other competitors, it should voice 
its stand of pro-independence louder and clearer. Nonetheless, it is less likely for Liberty Times to lure the 

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